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How can Internet be Useful as Direct Instruction?

by Jenessa (writer), , February 07, 2017

This is the era of information technology; every facet of life now uses information technology and the internet, as well services it provides to make life easier for you.

Similarly, the field of education can also benefit from the internet; here, we will discuss how the internet correlates with direct instruction and how it can be used as an effective method for direct instruction.

What is Direct Instruction?

Direct Instruction is a very effective and efficient teaching method that uses straightforward teaching techniques to teach specific skills to students. This Direct Instruction is also known as the teacher direct method: a teacher will stand in front of the classroom and present all the information on the subject in a clear, concise manner. This may seem like the method used in all classrooms, which is true, because most instructors strive to use the direct instruction method since it’s so efficient.

How Can Internet be Useful as Direct Instruction

Direct instruction might sound like a boring, typical method of teaching, but with the introduction of internet in this method, it can create an even more efficient classroom atmosphere. By using the internet, teachers instantly have more advantages and opportunities to create a positive learning space: teachers and students will both have an easier time grasping the concepts of their subject material.

The Benefits Associated

There are many benefits that are associated with using internet as a method for direct instruction. First of all, teachers and students will have access to a ton of relevant information about their subject. The web is beneficial in providing detailed information about any topic and allows students to expand their knowledge beyond information provided in their textbooks.

However, learning cannot completely revolve around the internet; typical classroom setups are an ideal setting for learning and instruction. Access to the internet just assists the process! It will enable a more convenient and meaningful learning environment for students and will provide extensive knowledge on subject matters. In this regard, teachers can take action and help students by letting them explore and search for information online, which can be encouraged by providing the students with such assignments and tasks that require them to look for information on the internet. This will enable them to broaden their horizons and possess a greater understanding about relevant topics.

The internet also makes direct learning more fun and interactive. Moreover, it also increases the performance of both students and teachers. Using high speed internet as a direct instruction tool enables students and teachers to make use of their time in a more effective and productive manner. Teachers can demonstrate topics and deliver lectures, and they can also use the internet to show students interactive videos and other material to keep them interested. Moreover, there is a lot of similar material available of the internet that is used for teaching similar topics in various parts of the world, by having access to internet; the teachers can use that material with their students to enhance their knowledge.

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