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5 Homemade Remedies for Straightening Hair Naturally

Home remedies eliminate the fear of chemicals’ conspiracy. The natural goodness and wonder of aloe-vera, papaya, banana, yogurt, almond oil & coconut oil can re-grow hair that is fallen.

Straight hair can turn you stunning overnight. The glimpse of long, silky and soft tresses ignites temptation to get the same texture. But frizzes don’t let it happen. For many, it has become a routine battle to get out of tangled strands.

However, major beauty brands claim to make them feathery soft with conditioner. Are you thinking that your hairy issue is resolved? No, not yet. Chemical based conditioners & shampoos can leave you teary eyes. I’m sure you won’t be happy with the temporary radiance that ends at dullness and frizzes.

Let’s uproot it permanently with home remedies that cause no side effects.

    1. Hot Almond & Coconut oil Treatment: Do you know that all shampoos and conditioners are not identical to all textures and types of hair. By using 2-in-1 shampoo, like Black Sesame Bhringraj Shampoo, you think that your tresses will be manageable and bouncy. But actually, it’s a temporary solution. And if you think rebonding can add ultra-shine for lifelong, it’s a myth. Only nature can provide the best hair care. You can get the dazzling look by flaunting naturally silky hair through oil treatment. Oil nourishes and hence, strengthens its elasticity.

    Now, check the correct way of oiling:

    · As mentioned, pick almond and coconut oil since they carry the miracle of Vitamin E that turns your hair lustrous.

    · Heat this concoction in the pan.

    · Grease your scalp with it.

    · Stroke your hand with pressure on scalp to quicken the flood of blood.

    · Dip the cotton towel in the hot water & wring.

    · Wrap it around your hair to steam. The oil will reach the hair follicles/root.

    · Wait for 2 minutes & then, repeat the same steps to steam.

    · Then, rinse your hair with the mild shampoo.

    · Let the hair blow dry a bit.

    · When it feels dewy, unplug the dryer and let it air-dry.

    2.Apple Cider Vinegar: Shampoos and conditioners manufacturers configure chemicals to formulate it. Shampooing is not at all bad. The main culprit is chemicals that settle down on scalp. Even rinsing does not wash them away. This is the biggest reason of the frequent hair loss.

    But home remedies assure no side effects. We have an effective remedy to get rid of those chemical residues. It’s apple cider vinegar.

    Let’s comprehend how you can use it.

    · Shampoo your hair like usual.

    · Mix ½ mug apple cider vinegar with the same quality of water.

    · Now, rinse your hair finally with this solution.

    · Don’t use it frequently. Use it once in a week.

    3.Coconut milk: Are you feeling thirsty hearing about coconut? The goodness of coconut water leaves you refreshing with its splash of cool effect inside the body. Like water, its milk can give a new lease of life to your hair.

    Enriched with an extra dose of protein and moisture, it lets you flaunt unlocked layers. Let’s walk through how it battles with the frizzes.

    · You can buy it from the market or extract it by grinding and squeezing coconut fruit.

    · Heat it a bit.

    · Apply it in the direction of the growth.

    · Don’t tangle the strands while applying.

    · Give the steam bath to your strands. Soak towel in the hot water and wrap it around your head.

    · After 5 minutes, put it off.

    · Wash it off with the mild shampoo.

    4.Banana & Papaya Mask: Both fruits are filled with the natural moisture, vitamins, minerals, potassium and carbs. Each strand consists of many layers of protein. When these layers lose their compactness, we encounter tangling. This fruit magic restores compactness. Turning them shiny and silkier, this home remedy helps in the re-growth of hair and prevents hair loss.

    How can we heal fraying, let’s check.

    · Mash ½ of banana and a slice of papaya.

    ·Mix them together.

    · Add 1 teaspoon yogurt to it.

    · Apply this consistent paste on you strands lavishly.

    · Apply it in the direction of hair growth to prevent tangling.

    · Wait for ½ an hour.

    · Wash it off with mild shampoo.

    · Let the hair air dry.

    5.Aloe Vera Mask: This shrub is famous for its medicinal use. For skin, it’s an elixir. It’s a non-sticky gel that can induce youth by penetrating elasticity to your dull & dry skin. It works wonder on hair also. The presence of choc-a-bloc conspires with the enzymes to configure re-growth of hair and smooth feathery texture.

    How can you feel its wonder? Let’s walk through these steps:

    · Split the aloe-vera leaf from the mid.

    · Scoop out the natural gel.

    · Mix it with almond oil.

    · Apply it on the strands.

    · Wait for half an hour.

    · Wash it afterwards with shampoo.

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