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Here’s When You Should Redesign Your Brand Logo

by Mir Hussain (writer), , February 02, 2017

A logo design is the keystone of your brand and if your keystone is not good enough. it indicates that you need to consider a logo redesign. Of course, your brand is more than your logo, but whenever.

A logo design is the keystone of your brand and if your keystone is not good enough, it indicates that you need to consider a logo redesign. Of course, your brand is more than your logo, but whenever you ask someone about a brand, the first thing that comes into their minds is nothing but a logo design. And this is where your brand lives in the end: in the mind of your customers.

When customers see your brand logo, many things pop into their minds, such as customer service, news, events, blog posts, the feelings they have for your brand, the attitude they have towards your brand, quality of your products and services, especially if they like your brand.

But considering all these things in mind, your company logo takes preference. It is the criterion and it is important though. So, it is always important for a brand that its logo looks visually appealing, meaningful, memorable, adaptable and totally relevant to what your business offers.

If your existing logo design does not fit these standards, it may be the right time to consider redesigning this branding element. But how come you realize that you should change your logo? Updating your logo, or even coming up with a brand-new logo, is a time-consuming, difficult but effective process, that will give you much better results.

It is perhaps a big responsibility, depending on how big your company is and how many different marketing collaterals you might have including, brochure design, flyers, business cards, letterheads and more, both offline and online. For instance, if you have only got a website, brochure design and website, then trust me it is not a big deal. But if you have got your logo design printed across a number of employee uniforms, business cards, website, brochures, flyers and other branding materials, then it’s going to be a lot tougher, expensive and something that you think again and again before taking the initiative.

Logo Design Basics

A logo design is the graphical or symbolic representation of your company name that is uniquely designed for easy and clear recognition. A brand logo has many intentions, but the major one is to clearly represent your business. If your brand logo design is not visually appealing, worse, and fails to convey your business vision, it shows that you should take a bold step of logo redesign.

Considering all these in mind, keeping your logo up-to-date with the latest logo design trends, techniques and ideas has become more important for companies. There are many companies who have undergone a successful logo redesign, for example, Google, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Apple, to avoid being seen as outdated or behind the times. These brands have undergone multiple rebranding from time to time.

Remember: if your logo is not interacting with your ideal audience, you should be considering updating this branding piece. But there are some other situations where taking a redesign step is worth the effort.

With that in mind, keeping your logo up to date with contemporary design trends and ideas can be important for businesses over time. Many businesses update their logo most often to avoid being seen as old or behind the times.

If you are coming across any of these situations, you might consider updating your logo.

When Your Company has Changed

If your business is experiencing a name change, or other changes such as addition of new products or services, then you must redesign your business logo. You can take this step when you may even be taking your business in a completely different direction, for instance, reducing your B2C services and expanding your B2B services.

When You are All Set to Change Your Brand Look

Nowadays, an outdated look is not always a bad thing, and rebranding is type of a great deal (very expensive and time-consuming), so it is not necessary to go into this only when you feel like the logo seems a little outdated. Make sure there will be an obvious benefit to changing your business logo.

For example: if your customer base has reduced over time and they usually comment on the outdated design of your business logo, then it makes sense to change the logo for the sake of increasing your customer base.

Logo design trends change from time to time and your corporate branding should have to change accordingly to stay up-to-date with the current standards.

Bonus Tip: Remember, great logos are timeless, so it is highly advised to NOT update your logo by following the design trends that disappear in a very short time.

Take an example of Apple here, it has continuously updated its logo and striven for a simpler, sleek design that says it all. Though, they don’t take this step more often, only when the time is right. Apple relies on being seen as cutting edge, innovative and open mind and always stay ahead of new designs. A part of their brand, they need to update frequently.

When You Want to Give Your Logo a Professional Feel

Another important scenario where you should be thinking about updating your brand logo is when you chose your business logo in a rush and now you want to make it professional. Though it is rare for companies to start without any research or branding strategy, especially those companies that totally grow organically.

Those businesses that started in this way and had no prior business plan, their logo may have chosen quickly without any comprehensive thought and with low budget, believing that something is better than nothing.

Now your business has expanded and you are aiming to make your logo professional. It is obvious that it is now an established business and that you are keep moving forward with how things are growing so you have decided to invest in your branding. And the logo is the first place to begin with.

Over to You

Updating your logo is an art, and how to get the most out of logo redesigning is totally up to you. An obvious change may make sense only if you are taking your business in a different direction or merging your company with different partner. However, a slight change is something that brands want to stay ahead of the game without disaffecting your audience and customer base.

It is something that you should give careful consideration, strategize effectively and do with the help of professional logo designers. If you have a professional logo design team and enough budget, a rebrand can do wonders for your business. So, what do you feel your company logo should be refresh? Consider these scenarios carefully and then make it right. Happy rebranding!

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