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How to increase conversions on your website

by brian_advanton (writer), Mobile, February 01, 2017

Every small business owners wants to be successful and by making few simple changes to your website can bring you more leads everyday and you can generate more revenues.

Managing a small business is no easy task; you have lots to do on a daily basis and above all reaching more and more customers in your locality is always on your mind and somehow you try to explore various new mediums to achieve it. Whether you run a coffee shop, a restaurant, a small dance school or car repair shop, a dental clinic or some kind of service, you are completely dependent on local customers and so, your approach must be local also to be found by the local people.

It’s always a challenge for small business owners to utilize the internet and the web to generate more leads by reaching more and more local residents because it’s not your area of specialty to design a website or market it. You may have tried it in the past and you also have a website but you may have felt like 70% other small businesses across the globe that website doesn’t work and once it is created, it can only sleep.

But not anymore, we are sharing some great and really simple tips that help you add those elements to your website that will definitely lead to more conversions:

    1) The first and the foremost thing is to determine the nature of your business and your industry because your website design must clearly reflect that and complement your industry. E.g. if you are into wooden works and your website reflects graphics that relate to steel or iron industry then your website visitors may get confused and won’t get a clear picture about your business.

    Then, you have to figure out your technical capabilities and how much time you have for spending on your website. If you are tech savvy then you can opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) website design services such as and that allow you to design your own website simply by drag & drop. You can choose from hundreds of free templates and images. The other companies such as and provide small business owners with services such as business website design and marketing for a fixed monthly free ranging between $800 - $1000 which also includes local marketing.

    Then there are CLOUD companies such as ADVANTON Inc., which you may have not heard about but there CLOUD website design service & marketing success program are absolutely free for small business owners. They serve over 10,000 small businesses every month. So, there are many options available for you to choose from and the right service for your website design needs.

    2) Don’t go for too flashy graphics or heavy image files. Keep it clean, simple & straight forward and that’s the key to engage visitors because nowadays visitors want more information in a simple way and they want to read about your services and not interested in your flashy graphics. Too many image files make your website heavy and need more time to load which leads to drop in conversion rates.

    3) Don’t ignore the Mobile responsive design. Mobile audience is dominant nowadays and it is equally important to consider the mobile responsive design of your website as it is for different web browsers for PC and MAC. Make sure that your website is optimized for tablets and mobile devices as your visitors may find it difficult to navigate through your website pages if it is not optimized for the mobile devices and ultimate you lose visitors.

    4) Clear Calls to Action is an important factor in generating leads through your website. You may have useful information on your website or services that your customers are interested in but if it they find it difficult to contact you through your contact form or there is no contact number displayed in the header or footer then the visitors may leave the website without contacting you.

Keeping the above points in mind when planning your new website for your small business can drastically improve your chances of converting your website visitors into buyers.

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