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The Missing Luggage

by Dany Bachir (writer), , December 25, 2007

A strange journey where a mystery had not been solved!

All I could see were too many dark faces rushing around and talking loudly. It was dark and cold. The whole scene was taking place within a small area. Half of that area was outside under the moonlight and the other half was inside under a dirty roof where smell was almost unbearable.

All I cared about that night was my luggage. It was lost somewhere among hundreds of other bags. Jumping around left and right in search of that small bag. The bad news was that I couldn’t find it. And the later it was getting, the lesser bags were remaining. And the chances that my bag got stolen were rising.

Returning to the set description, I would say I was somewhere in South Asia. I had just landed in an awful airport in some extremely poor city. It was so dark that people sounded just like walking clothes. They were dark people walking in the dark.

There was no sign of any checking control. Just few police guards standing at the ends of the halls. The sounds were loud. Some sounds coming from the planes landing, some others from the planes taking off and mostly the disturbing sounds of a language that was too hard to hear.

The idea of having lost that luggage was tough. Since they were all thrown around the place and stacked above each other, I was running from one end to another bumping into all kinds of people who looked strange like Vampires of Hell.

Yes. Losing that luggage was a problem indeed!

I was so scared to a point where I almost lost my mind. Yes, I was crying and screaming as if my whole life was inside that bag. And I just couldn’t find it.

I got so disturbed that I had finally decided to wake up. I pushed my eyes to open. And they did. I woke up.

I kind of regret it now. It’s like a mystery that might never be solved.

I just wonder what was inside that luggage!

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