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Can Racing Games Really Improve Brain Function?

by Stuartclocks (writer), , February 01, 2017

Video games sometimes get a bit of a ‘bad name’ with people associating the same with a rather large range of negative attributes.

Video games sometimes get a bit of a ‘bad name’ with people associating the same with a rather large range of negative attributes. But recent studies have come up with so many surprising findings as far as their benefits are concerned. Some of the main findings are:

    ·Improvement in social skills.

    ·Better confidence.

    ·Enhancement of problem solving skills and

    ·Improvement in brain function too.

There are specific brain improvement games for this area of development of course. But there are also racing games which can help in improving cerebral activity.

Talking about neurogenesis

Studies have found that video games can actually vitalize the growth of new neurons also defined as neurogenesis. Associated with this activity are other benefits such as:

    ·Motor skills.

    ·Memory formation.

    ·Strategic thought process or planning.

    ·Spatial awareness and so on.

In fact when there is growth in neurons, there is associated growth in all these functions and the connectivity between the different regions of the brain as well.


Everyone knows that a stressed out individual can never really perform at his best or most productive. Driving games can play a huge role in alleviating high stress levels. Think of it as an instant vacation and a break from a situation that is causing you stress and this benefit becomes rather clear. There is also one rather simple fact to consider – a driving game is non-violent. There is no blood and gore involved! Yes there is competition but a bout of healthy virtual racing never hurt anybody!

Attention and memory

Racing games need a lot of attention and this can help you to focus in real life as well. After all, everybody knows that developing the skill of sustained focus is simply a habit that can be built over a course of time. Racing down a road or a course with obstacles galore or even against competitors calls for peak attention from you.

You also have to remember how to operate certain controls at certain times. When should you slow down and when should you speed up? Where exactly are all your main competitors? How well does your car perform, when compared to the cars that the others are driving and so on? All of them are important variables and need planning and attention.

Measured skills

It is also interesting to note that several institutions have done scientific analyses of the benefits of racing games. With tools such as EEG, studies found:

    ·Improved multitasking capabilities.

    ·Midline frontline theta activity – associated with attention and memory.

    ·Better response time.

    ·Sustained attention and

    ·The ability to choose a correct course of action in a reduced time period.

All of which point to better brain function.

Such is the power of video games that agencies involved in clinical studies of ADHD, autism and depression are using them to build games that will help improve therapeutic outcomes. This is fascinating because healthcare itself becomes gamified to deliver better results for an individual.

Engaging with racing games, indubitably, brings in a lot of benefits to almost every player out there.

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