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Android is Going to Store Google Searches Offline

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Offline Google Search

Google has just introduced a new feature in its app that enables the user to save their search offline. As soon as your phone finds a new connection, your search starts in the background.

If you are using smart phones, you must be using Google search like anything. It has become a habit that as soon as something pops up in the head, you need to know the answer and what better way to find an answer than Google it. Google has literally become the secondary term for ‘Look it up’ or ‘search’. Instead of wondering about what your favorite PC game would cost in pounds, you can simply Google the conversion and there you have it in front of you. And with the ease of having the Google search app on your phone, there is nothing that can hold you back. Google has made things easy for its users and have always been working on making things easily accessible and free of cost to most people, you get maximum benefit out of the Google search app and you don’t have to pay a thing. But the search can be interrupted by a number of factors and the primary thing you need to make the search happen is internet connection.

You should have a wifi connection within range or your data plan activated in order to keep searching but what if your internet stops in the middle? What if you do not have any internet connection but you also don’t want to lose the search? Google has just introduced a new feature in its app that enables the user to save their search offline. As soon as your phone finds a new connection, your search starts in the background and delivers you the result without you having to check the internet over and over again or accidently close the app. As soon as you search is complete Google will send you a notification and you will be notified that you have 1 search result ready to view.

This feature is particularly helpful if you are in the middle of somewhere or you have airplane mode on and you want to do some search, as soon as there is internet, there will be the search results waiting. Now no matter where you are and if you have wifi or not, you can open the Google app and assign your app searches and while there is no internet, you work will be pending but as soon as there is internet, without letting you hold your work, your search will take place in the background and you will be sent a notification right away like to get one for your other apps. Google always comes up with efficient solution and history is evident that Google has made things easy such as it started letting people download favorite maps on their Google Map which can be used offline effectively.

That is not all, Google updated its G suite and a lot of apps were not only made available offline, some of the features included extended space in storage while others are made exceptionally convenient for the regular users. If you open Google docs from your mobile app, you will see that all your documents created and uploaded from your desktop were automatically synced to the app and are available to be accessed online. This feature is very useful and very convenient as you don’t have to worry about losing anything you are writing anymore. You can simply open Google Docs and write something and with a working internet, you can access that written content within seconds on your phone. It auto updates the progress and has a lot more to offer in terms of convenience. Google has made lives easy and it is continuing to do so through the ever evolving apps and new ideas to stay organized and updated.

Who doesn’t love to have a good approach at their work and secure their content from loss. We are pretty sure that the offline search feature was much needed and it has given people the extra hold on their daily searches. When you felt the need of having an offline search, Google almost heard you and brought the new update. Of course it can trigger some questions and concerns of its effects on battery consumption and data usage, over excessive use can drain the battery faster and apps running in the background makes phone slower and drains the battery but same is not the case with this app. The app will still use the same amount of energy and if you are too concerned about the data package usage then again you don’t have to worry about it.

The new feature will not consume more data than it ever has and it will run smoothly without lagging and without draining or using up all your data. The app will updates on its own and you can start taking benefit from it right away. It specially is useful because of its availability and the need of offline search when you are in the middle of something and somewhere you can’t get hold of a wifi and do not have a working package. The app also does not require additional place so it is a win win situation! Google is also set to release an Android upgrade for Google Chrome as well any time now.

As it is released and will be available in stores soon. The new Chrome upgrade will have users experience a whole new Chrome where you can view and download websites and music for offline use and some changes in the text correction (spelling mistakes to be highlighted with red underline) and you can also share your downloads within chrome. Android users seem to be in for a great treat as they already have the Google map and search upgraded to use them to their maximum and now with this feature of using them online has made it further convenient as you can line up searches in a place within no internet access and it will keep on looking or a connection, search it when internet is available and notify you.

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