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What is Going to Happen in Gaming World This Year?

by Juned Ahmed (writer), Gandhinagar, India, January 30, 2017

With so much happened in the gaming industry in the span of a year, we can look forward to the coming months to unfold bigger stories for games.

2016 has been a happening year for mobile games. Throughout the year we have experienced countless developments. While on the one hand revenues of mobile games crossed that of PC and console games by a wide margin, on the other hand, we have seen the rise of mobile games like Pokémon Go which starting as just a casual game quickly rose to its fame as a never before game craze and ended as a cultural phenomenon. According to industry experts, mobile gaming is very likely to reach $40 billion revenue mark globally this year. With the help of latest mobile gaming tools, once again we can tighten our seat belts to watch the wild gaming scene to open up its brainstorming possibilities and achievements. So, here we are looking forward with expectations to the things that are going to happen with gaming world in 2017.

Mobile esports - the biggest promise ever

Believe me or not, esports or the mobile game sport is poised to take over the primetime sports broadcasting soon. Esports taking its cue from passive game watching in video platforms is projected by experts to cross over $1 billion revenue in this year. This will happen thanks to the increasing interest of the millennial audience and the positive steps by major sport broadcasting channels to show video game playing live. Both ESPN and Turner have decided to broadcast multiplayer competitive video games such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends. Now can a mobile game just take over the prime time game on national TV? Maybe, it is hard to predict about the efforts taking over TV game broadcast so early, but the beginning and its continuous progress in that direction is something we can be sure of.

A never before success story for VR gaming

Until now VR in the gaming world has remained a much talked about, much expected and much-hyped topic since the majority of gamers just could not play VR games as they require expensive hardware that just does not fit into the regular scheme of things. But with several device manufacturers trying harder to make VR more affordable, we can expect a turnaround time for VR gaming this year. Besides VR gadgets for home gaming going mainstream, this is also the year to see mobile VR games to proliferate. In fact, Mobile device manufacturers to roll out specific VR enabled devices to replace VR hardware with mobile VR capability. Even if mobile VR particularly does not become commonplace and a Prime Face of mobile games, this year can be the starting point for VR mobile games to proliferate and take the lead role to make the new gaming technology affordable.

PS4, Nintendo Switch, Project Scorpio, there is lot to come

When it comes to new gaming devices and technologies, there is lot to a expect this year. Every game hardware and device manufacturer are poised to deliver new and interesting ones. Sony PS4 is expected to beat the sales number of Xbox One while accumulatively hitting 27 million mark in combined sales. This may be the time to forecast an end to the popularity of console gaming replaced by mobile games. This is why enhanced and cutting edge gaming consoles with only never before game playing experience will rule.

A deep throated approach that of yet to arrive Switch console if Nintendo may revoke the promises for gaming hardware once again. Nintendo is also expected to launch a new handheld game-only device later this year. Microsoft is also working on a new 4K gaming console referred as Scorpio which will have the support of well known VR hardware brand Oculus Rift. In spite of so much to happen on device and hardware front, it is the game content that is bound to rule the game playing scene in the time to come.

A refurbished publishing model

The publishing model for mobile games is another area where we can expect some hilarious changes this year. Already in 2016, we have seen how the investment in mobile games transformed. The earlier model comprising venture capital funding and assistance of publisher already decreased in the last year. This according to experts, represents a bigger opportunity for game developers. Just for the publishing of the games on desktop and consoles developers had to renounce a significant share of their rights. With a mobile-first publishing approach, developers are less likely to sacrifice their dues to this extent. In 2017, we can expect a more mobile-centric publishing approach is benefitting developers directly. While many publishers may find themselves on the wayside, new mobile-first publishing is supposed to offer better revenue to game developers.

Alternative game marketplace in the horizon

This has been subjected to a lot of discussions in the recent times, and quite reasonably, every game developer is bound to find it positive. Alternative app marketplaces are on the rise and they are increasingly becoming serious platforms for game distribution. Instant Games of Facebook just portrays a massive thing, and it is nothing but a different type of marketplace within the specific mobile platform. iMessage App Store is another such game marketplace worth mentioning. As all these new platforms are gearing for higher engagement and traction with all possible measures, they in the coming time can appear as the more serious game only app marketplaces than traditional mobile app stores. For alternatives app marketplaces to flourish it is just the beginning, and in 2017 alone we can see several other app markets to become alive and grow.


There are a hell lot of things that are going to happen in the gaming world this year but about which we still do not have the slightest inkling. But, that is why game development and marketing is always a thrilling thing just like the games themselves.

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