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Technological Advances Taking Healthcare To A New Level

by Sophia Jones (writer), , January 30, 2017

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The Modular Prosthetic Limb by US Navy

Healthcare in the recent years has seen a plethora of technological advances making it more accessible, efficient and affordable to a large majority of the population. Further developments include

Healthcare in the recent years has seen a plethora of technological advances making it more accessible, efficient and affordable to a large majority of the population. Further developments in the field of medical technology will make the diagnosis; prevention and treatment of many conditions a dream come true and provide respite to many sufferers.

The society is being benefitted with the use of remote biometric monitoring devices which include:

    ·Invention of wearable gadgets and mobile phone apps for delivering real-time motivational messages, behavioral coaching and support to patients learning to manage their diet and lifestyle habits.

    ·Medical sensors in clothing, shoes or patches to keep track of elderly patients who are prone to falling or may suffer from dementia.

    ·Tele-health and technology-assisted health coaching

    ·Big button mobile phones

    ·Electronic medical management gadgets

    ·Electronic implants to monitor organs or body systems

    ·Medical alert systems

    ·Introduction of organic latex mattress for a better sleep and natural alignment of the spine.

    ·Electronic health records hosted on web-based and cloud-based platforms.

    ·Virtual doctor’s visits

    ·Use of robots in caregiving and surgery

The center for advanced technology and robotic rehabilitation use computers and sensor controls to help children and teens recover from injuries or disorders that have hindered their motor skills. The child’s response is recorded and provides valuable biofeedback to direct and promote motor learning.

Some incredible medical devices to look forward to in the future include:

    1.Corneal Implant Inlay: This inventive new implant may replace reading glasses for those with blurred vision experienced by many people over 40 years of age especially when reading or working on the computer. It is now available in over 50 countries and will help patients see more clearly.

    2.Pain-free blood testing technology: Many healthcare professionals have had a few patients that are terrified of having their blood drawn; the process may be painful for some people with debilitating conditions. A painless blood drawing device may help patients to draw blood from themselves within two minutes. After collecting the sample, the patients can simply take it to the clinical lab to have their tests done.

    3.Electronic Pill to Combat Obesity: An electronic pill is being designed as a revolutionary treatment for obesity that could help millions of people reach their health goals. The pill will be controlled through the smartphone and may help patients from overeating. After 21 days, the pill will naturally pass out through the digestive system.

    4.Smart Huggable Bear To Comfort Children In Hospitals: The cutest invention may be a huggable, interactive teddy bear that helps ease children’s pain and anxiety of treatment by talking to them, joking and playing with them and is also fitted with sensors to tell how hard it’s being squeezed to gauge the child’s pain.

    5.Implant to Predict Effective Cancer Drugs: Since not all cancers are the same and not all patients respond to the same treatment, hence researchers have developed an implantable device that can accurately predict which drug works on a specific tumor. Time is the essence when treating a cancer patient; hence this breakthrough could mean spending less time with the wrong treatments and more time with the best treatment possible.

    6.Regenerative Medicine: This field of medicine holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by stimulating previously irreparable organs to heal itself. It also empowers scientists to grow tissues and organs in the lab and implant them, solving the problem of shortage of life-saving organ transplantation as well as transplant rejection issues.

These technological advances would definitely take the health care industry to a new level and would ease the patients in treatment of chronic illnesses with a comparatively low cost, we hope!

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