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Blocked Kitchen Sink Unclogged With Simple Aids

by Harry Caesar (writer), , January 31, 2017

Blocked Kitchen Drain 

Cleaning the kitchen can be a big mess for most of us. Many times, when we clean our kitchen, we tend to through the dust in the kitchen sink.

As a result, it clogs the sink which creates, even more, problems. In such cases most of us, call a plumber to fix such issues and spend a lot of money and time too but with some easy and useful kitchen aids, you can clean the blocked kitchen sink on your own and the best part is, you wouldn’t have to spend a single penny for such issues.

1. Use A Plunger

Plungers are one of the most common and useful tools to unblock any clogging. By using the plunger, you can clean the blocked kitchen sink. To start the process, firstly fill the sink with water up to ¾ height of the sink. This would ensure that there is enough water weight to create the water pressure. Now, put the plunger in the sink and start pulling and pushing motion. A few movements of pushing and pulling will clean the drain. The drain will be poured out of the sink with the water pressure. Make sure, while starting this procedure you do not mix any chemical with the water as using any chemical or disinfectants can be hazardous.

2. The P Strap

The P strap is the bending pipe beneath the blocked kitchen sink which sometimes tends to accumulate food items or grease. Sometimes, the grease becomes so dry that it makes it impossible for the dirt or water to pass through the P strap. Therefore, the kitchen sink gets blocked. To unblock kitchen sink, all you have to do is open this P Strap pipe and clean it. Before doing this, make sure that the water in the blocked kitchen sink is taken out completely and the sink is dry. Then, keep a plate or bowl below the pipe and open it. Once, the pipe is taken out from the P strap, you would see a lot of dirt and clogged food coming out of the pipe. Clean it properly. Lastly, re-plug the pipe and use the kitchen sink easily.

3. Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda make the clogs disappear in just 5 minutes. Most people use it as a regular aid to clean the blocked kitchen sinks. Mix some vinegar with baking soda in a cup of water and pour it in the drain pipe. Let the solution do its work for about 5 or 10 minutes. After 10 minutes pour a few cups of boiling water through the drain pipe to check if the solution worked or not? Chances are the water will flow slowly and clean the clogged kitchen sink very easily. This is one of the most usable and common method to unblock the kitchen sink and works magically too.

4. Cable Auger

Cable auger is a string like machine which passes in the drain of the pipe and unclogs the pipe instantly. Use it by opening a section of a pipe to unclog the dirt stocked in pipe or simply pierce through the kitchen sink drain to unclog the top surface of the blockage in the sink. This will help you to unclog the blocked kitchen sink in less than minute without making your hands dirty. After using Cable Auger, pour a lot of water in the sink to drain off the entire clog that was cleared by the Auger.

Blocked kitchen sink can be easily unclogged with a few smart aids mentioned above So next time, if you fall in such messy situation, wear your gloves or mask and get started to solve the problem on your own!

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