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Latest Tricks for Outsourcing Company to Engage Audience

by KimGill (writer), Mumbai, January 24, 2017

What do you do to lure your customers as an entrepreneur?

Surely, trending marketing gimmicks, like Digital marketing, voice marketing and TVCs, would emerge as the priority to select from. Do you think that determining which marketing trick will promote your business? With this I want to spotlight how significant the audience’ engagement is. Such kind of engagement is essential to surface at the top of popularity chart.

Outsourcing shares non-core responsibilities

This engagement can’t be possible until it is executed in a professional way. So what if this field does not belong to your business’ core competencies! Outsourcing is very much prevalent to come out of complexities while partnering to share non-core responsibilities. Around 400,000 people are taking care of such responsibilities in various domains. The global BPO industry is estimated worth 120-150 billion dollars, according to wikipedia. India shared 5-6% of the global outsourcing and also 63% of the offshore outsourcing business.

It’s mandatory to lead amid cut-throat competition for surviving and generating explosive revenue. I am sharing some wondrous engaging tricks below for generating leads with least of efforts.

    1.Engage audience on Facebook: Facebook is retaining the lead with 1.79 billion active users in the 3rd quarter of 2016. The headcount of its users is still spiking rapidly. Online marketing geeks cut corners to capture audience’ interest. But if the entrepreneur’s core area is non-marketing, he can collate with outsourcing entity.

    Let’s say, I run e-Commerce business. For promoting sales, I chose outsourcing to India for online marketing specifically since it’s a cost-effective and quality-oriented alternative. Thereby, selling through my website surpassed million per month gradually. It’s the idea worth to pat on the back.

    Here are the options to engage audience through FB:

    ·Kick-start business on FB by creating business page.

    ·Choose paid marketing to advertise your business on FB pages.

    ·Go for affiliate marketing & boost it up on your FB page.

    ·Integrate your website or blog with your FB page which is identified as referral marketing.

    ·Integrate navigator that allows the audience to visit your website while walking through shared FB posts.

    2.Solve customers’ queries on twitter: However, Twitter is a step behind FB but its fan-following is a talk to buzz, i.e. 317 million per month. It’s a micro-blogging site where literate audience marks its presence. If talk about business promotions, it provides a concrete platform to outreach its online traffic. And if you want to bring bullish trend in respect of inquiries, emphasize on customer’s satisfaction via active customer support. The more you cater satisfaction, the more you notice audience engagement. Great user experience brings the user back with more inquiries. So, keep this fact in focus.

    What all you need to do is:

    ·Optimize twitter profile of your business.

    ·Shortlist the like-minded audience to target.

    ·Advertise on it.

    ·Provide customer support.

    ·Direct your audience to the correct way.

    ·Interact with them regularly for delivering excellent users’ experience.

    3.Integrate CRM with customer support: Smartphone has introduced internet as the household name across the globe. The problem to approach target audience no more exists. Customer relationship management is an effective way to evaluate consumer behaviour through data processing. Therefore, the organizations require information that discloses all about the customers. Knowing what they want, catering accordingly will be fruitful trick that can win their engagement. This rule is implemented on pre and post inquiry.


    ·The CRM of the website captures the details of the visitor through coding.

    ·And Google Analytics or any other tools provide A to Z information of the users, like how much time a particular user has spent on which page; what did he/she search; how many times did he/she return and many more things.

    ·Analyzing all activities of the users, the entrepreneur can derive idea of user’s behaviour and preferences.The customer support reps spend a few minutes to identify what the customer wanted. The upgraded tools and software have made it a cakewalk.

    Suppose I order an LED from a website. The back office outsourcing will come in action instantly. The company provides consistent support through push messages before and after delivery. Exhibiting transparency, it displays the status of its shipment on the website.

    4.Integrate Live-Chat for leads: Online business has eliminated direct persuasion method. We can’t underestimate its unprecedented influence. Dispelling all suspicions, the seller immediately earns revenue.

    ‘Live chat’ is discovered to act as filler. However, physical presence is not essential. But it does not barricade interactivity. The user removes doubts and confusion through messaging. The customer support resolves them in a second through its expertise & skill. It’s the best method to engage prospective clients. Who knows it may turn into conversion of leads!

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