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Hey, buddy can you spare a few minutes?

by Ivan Homeless (writer), SFV, January 03, 2008


What if the lottery gave you time instead of money

I play the lottery each week and cross my fingers just like millions of people. I daydream about what I would do with the money, the bills I would pay off, the things I would do for family and for friends to ease their financial burdens, the college funds I would set up, the traveling I would do, the inevitable shopping spree, the philanthropic enterprises I would set up and support. I might be like Bill Gates and hire someone just to give away my money. Hey, if you're going to dream, dream big.

They say money can't buy happiness nor love; they say the love of money is the root of all evil; they also say that no one ever dies saying they wished they spent more time at the office. Time, time is what I need and want more of, moreso than money. I budget my money carefully so that there is a roof over my family's head and food in their bellies and the creditors are kept at bay. Managing money is the easy part, money is finite I only have so much each month to do what I must. Time is my only truly renewable resource, I get a new 24 hours each day guaranteed until the day I wake up dead. I can't say the same for my paycheck and the government sure can't say the same about all that social security insurance I have paid into all these years.

With more time I could spend it with my family and get the work done that I need to do to get ahead. I don't need the lottery to give me a mountain of cash I need a time lottery, I need to win extra hour each day for the rest of my life. And, no daylight savings doesn't count. I have lived in the 2 states in the union that don't follow the constructs of daylight savings time - Arizona and Hawaii joined the rest of the post world war II world that daylight savings was put into to place for (and while I'm on it, thanks to Benjamin Franklin for coming up with the whole sodding idea - way to go Ben!) and set their clocks to standard time, end of story. I mean a real hour a whole 60 minutes to spend on the floor with my son or a whole hour to spend with my husband talking about nonsense rather than bills and orthodontics. I could learn a third language, read the books that are piling up on my nightstand, hell, I might even learn to knit.

As 2008 dawns and I am looking at my calendars, yes plural, I collect them in some sort of effort to manage my time, I'm thinking of what I can do. I am not big on new year's resolutions I think each day should be the day you make better, do the things you want to do, should do, would do if you had the chance. Why wait until January 1st, what if you decide on January 15th to make a change, are you going to wait 350 days to make it? That's a recipe for disaster if you ask me. I think I will schedule that hour into my day anyway, just pretend that I have already won the lottery and make it happen.

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2 comments on Hey, buddy can you spare a few minutes?

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on January 03, 2008 at 03:32 pm

i always find time to do what i want, but i could use more of it.

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By Credo on January 08, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Money has its place but time and health is more important.


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