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Need of Location-Based Social Media Monitoring Tool

by herbertp343 (writer), , January 23, 2017

Now you can engage with the customers, address their queries and know what's happening without logging into your social networks again.

Looking for a Social Media Monitoring tool which can give precise results and improve your performance? Well, there are many companies which promise excellent results. However, many fail because either they don't do the things effectively or they give common approach. After endless trials, we have found one service which collects real-time data and feedback - GoBabl.

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised. This tool is something that can put your end to search. GoBabl offers a location-based social monitoring platform for marketers, businesses, and journalists giving depth to look into current happenings and trends. They use social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Vine for creating a news feed for any location. It allows you customization, and you can filter the news feed to interact with users and retrieve the analytics.

The best thing about GoBabl, it is built to see the real-time happening trends and narrates the real stories of people. You can search for a hashtag or keyword in a particular area, and it gives you instant results. In this way, you can engage, filter, and interact by modifying your content. You will able to witness the social media in a more promoting way!

Why Location-Based Social Media Monitoring Tool?

Location gives the most precision information necessary for utilizing the social data. News and Events on Social Media have places and not keywords or hashtags. GoBabl's intuitive way helps you to analyze the data and make the good investments. Location-based social media monitoring gives information of actionable insights of real-time people. You can also filter the data using a patent-pending filtration system.



Analytics suite, collage view, streaming feed, and map view allows you to visualize the search results of any location in an easy way.

Location Basis Social Media Alerts

Based on the username triggers, keywords or #hashtag, you can get alerts of real-time notifications. You will get a curated content when you setup the alerts automatically. So, you can engage using the information.

Live stream

This social media monitoring tool offers you real-time live streaming from selected locations. In this way, you can find out what's happening, who are talking, and what they are talking.


Analytics helps you discover the popular trending keywords/hashtags, influential posters, time-based activities, trends, and favorite venues.

Geofenced Sentiment Monitoring

You can measure the sentiment of a topic through social conversation from a selected location.

Social Search

You can search for content based on geofenced location on the keywords, phrases, or hashtags.

Highest Social Network Influencers

You can get insights of social profiles and content providers with the largest audiences or most engagement feed. This can also help you to know what's the current trend.

Language Translator

Translator gives the results of the social media searches in any language you want.

Filter & Curate

You can filter the search results on the basis of time, date, user, hashtag, keyword and demographics.


You can also engage with the users based on locations using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Like, or Follow them at once.

Heatmap View

Heatmap view visualizes the data and highlights the areas with most engagement.

Now you can engage with the customers, address their queries and know what's happening without logging into your social networks again.

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