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Importance of Accreditation of Hospitals in Healthcare

by Mike Smith (writer), , January 24, 2017

In the recent times, the demand for quality in the healthcare services has risen because of the various market forces like insurance, medical tourism, corporate growth and various competitions.

In the recent times, the demand for quality in the healthcare services has risen because of the various market forces like insurance, medical tourism, corporate growth and various competitions. As a result of all this,

The expectations of the consumer for the best quality have also risen. This has led to the introduction of NABH Accreditation as well as international accreditation bodies to act as a quality assurance mechanism. Thus, enhancing the customers to have access to better healthcare services. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers or NABH defines Hospital Accreditation as a public appreciation and recognition by a national and an international healthcare accreditation body.

Achievements of NABH Accreditation

The achievements of the accreditation standards are demonstrated by the healthcare organization through an autonomous external peer-assessment of the various organizations level of performance in relation to a mixture of standards.

If one decides to further classify them, then the external peer assessment as well as the self- process is used accurately to assess the level of performance in relation to establish the standards and to constantly implement ways to keep on improving. The standards of accreditation are based on the evidence based practice, principles of quality assurance, prevention of medical error and medical ethics.

The Health System in India is a dynamic process and operates in a rapid economical, technical and social environment. In the past there have been plentiful instances of inadequate resources with incompetent facilities, poor patient care, disregard, lack of information and also unwanted remedial interventions. On the other hand, there are also different types of healthcare organizations as well as institutions that deliver different levels of care to not only to the local population but also to the foreigners who come to visit India for medical treatment and Medical Tourism.

Assuring the quality in healthcare services now has become mandatory and receiving an accreditation is the only answer to it. This is the single most approach used for improving the current standards of the hospitals. Proper NABH Training helps a lot in improving the standards of the hospitals.

The faith and the confidence of the people in hospitals can only be increased through accreditation as it ensures that the accredited healthcare organization practices and further delivers with quality services. It functions in the best interests of the entire patient’s.

The primary and major goal of the NABH accreditation is to ensure that the hospitals not only perform practices evidence based but also give importance to affordability, access, quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare.

It is very evident that many regulations that are made by the government are not followed in many of the states, because of which the quality of healthcare remains poor and unattended. Since NABH accreditation is voluntary and charitable, it challenges all the medical regulations that have been laid down by the government at state as well as central level.

It helps in filling the gaps and also removes the areas of deficit and eventually establishes some best possible standards, with professional accountability as well as clinical excellence. The government too appreciates accreditation and says it should be performed with independent programmes and provide incentives for tertiary as well as secondary level of hospitals. They ensure the quality as well as the safety of the patient.

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