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Watch out for that Bed-bugs

by Sophia Jones (writer), , January 24, 2017

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Are you observing bed bugs in your surrounding? There is no doubt anymore that bed bugs are everywhere. If you think that bed begs only settle in scamper cities like NYC then....

Are you observing bed bugs in your surrounding? There is no doubt anymore that bed bugs are everywhere. If you think that bed begs only settle in scamper cities like New York City then that’s not true: even the less traveled places in the US are infested with them. Bugs are not only found in your homes they might be sneaking in hotels, public transportation, changing rooms of retail stores, medical facilities, in movie theaters under the seats and anywhere they can find human blood to feed on. Even if there are no human victims at present these bugs can live without feeding for a couple of months. That’s how pliable bed bugs are.

There is an optimum temperature for them

Experts on bed bugs say that temperature is one of the crucial factors in the development of bed bugs. The optimum temperature required for their growth is 70-90 F. At that temperature they can complete their transition from eggs to adult bed bug in just a month. The growth of the bed bugs is affected by cold temperatures and limited access to prey. These things can delay the full maturity of the bed bugs but, it doesn’t mean their demise easily. They can survive for a couple of months, even the adult can stay alive for a year or more without feeding on blood.

Unnoticed movers

Bed bugs as parasites can move unnoticeably inside our home, furniture, carpets and beds. They are very quick insects and can move with ease through almost every surface. Usually bedbugs hide in crack, in crevices of your mattress and box spring. You cannot afford a new mattress infested with such a thing. Make sure to go through the memory foam mattress reviews before latching onto one and getting the place completely fumigated. Bedbugs don’t live in nests like ants or bees, but they likely to live in groups in hiding places so you’ll have to get the entire place cleaned before putting something new in there.

How threatening they are?

Bud bugs are not responsible for transmitting disease or causing any serious medical threat but they can leave itchy bites and can do so without any visible marks. Bed bugs stay active mainly at night as they are nocturnal creatures and usually bite people when they are sleeping. They suck blood thorough an elongated beak by this they pierce the skin. The bed bugs feed from three to ten minutes and gulp down to crawl away without being noticed. Once bud begs start living in your home so it’s really difficult to get rid of them properly. Before starting the treatment it’s very important to know all the facts about these pests.

Now enter the professionals!

I personally recommend this highly to seek assistance from a professional pest control company. Controlling infestation is possible but it requires planned work, moving and dismantling of movables and special equipment. With this, it will also be very helpful to make careful inspections with non-chemical controls (such as heat treatments, vacuuming, and steam treatments) and pesticide treatments. There are different types of insecticides available in the market. Commercial insecticides require specialized equipment and training. The other types of insecticides available are over the counter products, these products can easily be used by residents without any training but they won’t help you as much as getting help from a professional. Their inspection would clear the doubt and you’ll get an answer to the question about how much is your house affected.

Treat them with some heat

In order to control bed bugs in homes, pest control services use the method known as heat treatment. For this they use specialized equipment to raise the temperature in the desired areas to 118° F and its essential to maintain this temperature at least for 70 minutes. If done properly it’s very effective as it kills bugs in every stage of their breeding. This treatment, however, doesn’t ensure bed bugs not coming back to your home. In order to get adequate results it’s important to cooperate with a pest control service. It’s always essential to move your furniture and all the other stuff out of your home to get it cleaned once it for all.

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