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5 Tips When Looking to Submit a Personal Injury Claim

by famousbloggerq (writer), , January 28, 2017

What to do when submitting a personal injury claim?

There are many ways you can become injured, whether that is from walking in a public place, working hard at work, or in a road accident. If you do succumb to a personal injury that wasn’t your fault, it’s important you make a personal injury claim as soon as possible so you can get money back for your medical expenses and time off work. There are many important tips to consider before making a personal injury claim, and five of the main ones are outlined below.

Keep a Diary of All Events

Keeping a diary of everything from when the incident took place will ensure you always have the information to present in court, which is where most personal injury claims end up. You will want to take note of the witnesses that were present, what time it happened, and of course what happened. You will also be able to take note of whether the police were present, giving you further evidence to provide.

Take Pictures of the Accident Area

This is a hard one to achieve, as you will likely be in pain and you’re not really thinking about doing anything other than getting medical help. But you’ll want to get pictures of the accident area whichever way you can. If the police are involved then you’ll already have good witnesses to present in court, but if you can get pictures from your phone, or even by getting someone to take them, then you will have even more evidence at your disposal.

Keep Pictures of Your Injuries

You will also want to take pictures of your injuries, not just after the incident happened, but also during recovery. This will ensure you have the evidence of your injuries from start to finish and that is when most of the expenses will need to be covered for medical bills and time off work.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Any money you have spent due to the injury will need to be noted down, just so your solicitor will have a good idea of what costs you will be claiming for. You’ll be able to put down medical bills, income lost due to not being able to work, travel expenses to hospitals and clinics, and much more.

Witness Documentation & Police Evidence

This is where it gets a little harder for you, but if you can come up with public witnesses, police witnesses, and sufficient evidence, then it’s only a matter of time before you win the case. The hardest part about this is that you now have to find a way to find witnesses, and get in contact with the police that were on scene due to the incident.

Once you have all the above evidence, you should get in contact with your local personal injury lawyers to see if you have a chance of winning your case. The above are just five tips to take after the incident has taken place, and the more evidence you can document in the process, the more it will give you a much better chance of winning the case if the person held liable refuses responsibility.

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