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Top Architectural Trends of 2017 to Watch Out for

by Albert Smith (writer), , January 17, 2017

The new year is already here and it has brought with it new trends and techniques in the architectural realm for both, residential and commercial real estate industries.

The world of architecture evolves consistently to generate and modify trends that are aligned with the changing demands of customers. This provides enough room to experimentation and subsequent innovation.

New ideas for improved convenience and luxury have enabled architecture scale new heights. This has provided a plethora of choices for customers, thus making it easier for customers to make the most of the options they are provided.

Let's take a look at some of the architectural trends of 2017 that you need to look out for.

Open Plan Spaces

Connectivity and accessibility have turned out to be important factors for home buyers. Therefore, the demand for open spaces has increased with time. Additionally, the requirement of buyers for smaller homes has fuelled this trend significantly. As the name suggests, open spaces are devoid of walls. This makes smaller homes look spacious. In addition to that, it also enables the occupants to communicate with each other freely and makes all the spaces in the house even more accessible.

Open plan spaces enable owners to entertain at their homes. Parents can keep a tab on their children while preparing dinner. This makes the idea of open plan spaces extremely convenient and, therefore, we are going to see a lot of this trend in 2017.

Sustainable Homes

Over the years, there has been a rise in the demand for green housing. Buyers are looking for houses that are energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Additionally, home-owners are looking for homes for healthy living standards. The implementation of such ideas has been powered by the evolution of technology.

The inhabitants in Summit County are increasingly choosing to live in sustainable homes for promoting and maintaining a healthier living standard. This has led to the development of Summit Sky Ranch, a project aimed at restoring the sustainable living initiative.

“The natural night illumination from the stars and moon have always touched me in a very spiritual way,” Tom Everist, the developer of the project pointed out, “By using only downcast, shielded and minimal lighting throughout the community, we will preserve the darkness and accentuate the incredible nuances in the night sky. Like all aspects of the community, the name Summit Sky Ranch is an intentional reflection of this experience.”

Improved Visualisation Techniques

It is important for home buyers to find out how the properties look before investing in them. New and improved techniques are being implemented to ensure that buyers know exactly how the properties will look like way before the construction process begins. For example, architectural rendering is already being implemented for this process. Apart from that, techniques like virtual reality will also become commonplace in 2017.

Virtual and augmented reality have been transforming the home-buying experience. It makes the properties mobile, thus enabling potential customers to view it from anywhere. This simplifies the decision-making process considerably.

Additionally, improved visualisation techniques also enable architects to identify the faults in the structure and get them rectified quickly. Advanced architectural visualisation techniques are expected to become commonplace in 2017.

Usage of Simplified Materials

2016 has witnessed homeowners' requirements of incorporating certain designs of commercial elements in their homes. These usually include appealing designs in coffee shops, book stores etc. However, 2017 may be a little different and may witness people using more simplified materials that are designed for residential purposes in their houses.

According to architect, Andrew Piva, “The point is, we don’t live in a café or a restaurant. The design for that interior is often a singular one in keeping with a certain theme. It creates a sense of drama for the few hours you are seated around the table.” He went on to say, “These details can sometimes be included in a certain domestic design, but they shouldn’t be overwhelming, with the detail becoming lost. I think we’ll see a palette of simpler materials appearing in 2017, used with honesty, rather than trying to trick these up with different finishes to make them appear more than they are.”

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