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5 Best Places for Fishing Around

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 11, 2017

You have places where you will fall in love with your game again. So, pack the things, hit the places and enjoy fishing.

Are you tired of fishing in the same place everytime then don't worry. We have a list of best fishing places for you and you will have fresh opportunities to catch unique baits. Plus, you will get to witness amazing scenery.

Whether you want to have fun outdoors or go on a vacation spot or anything, you can do that with this fishing places. They not only give you an offer for practicing the sport but also are beautiful destinations.

You have places where you will fall in love with your game again. So, pack the things, hit the places and enjoy fishing.

1. Ramaganga River

Fishing is a popular choice among hobbies in India. Also, for the enthusiasts there are lots of places to choose from for fishing. However, if you want to do fishing, you should also have the fishing accessories and equipment. Check for the best ever tips and guides for fishing.

Corbett National Park isn't only famous for tigers and flora but also for Ramganga river, you can do fishing for Mahseer, Goonch, and Brown Tout here. Best thing is, you can also take part in angling and fisheries activities.

You need to have a permission from DFO for fishing. But, if you are planning to stay at nearby resorts or hotels, they can get it done for you. Ramganga is bound to give an experience can't expressible in words.

2. Mahakali River, Uttarakhand

Pancheshwar is famous for International Fishing Competitions which happen every year in March. However, it is safe if you don't go during monsoons. You can get an experienced guide to help you with taking part in the activities.

3. Kosi River, Uttarakhand

No, it's not my obsession with Uttarakhand and Corbett National Park. But, the Kosi river which flows through the park makes it great for fishing and you can have best time out there in Oct-Mid of June. Guides are available for assisting you with the best spots.

You need to have permission here as well, but if you stay for a night, the hotel will get the arrangements done and it depends on how much you can afford.

4. Pabbar Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Pabbar Valley in Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for fishing but it's also a tourist destination spot too. You can witness many fishing enthusiasts here at Golden Mahseer. It is located at 80 km from north-east of Shimla and is a cross-over spot of various tributaries and rivers from Punjab. You can find a variety of fishes like Rohu, Brown Trout, Catla, and Rohu.

5. Jia Bhoroli River, Assam

The Jia Bhoroli River in Assam is another paradise for fishing and anglers. Also, the forestry department arranges angling competition every year in November and participants across the globe come for the contest.

There are so many amazing places to go fishing around the world, when going these fishing trips you will need some top quality equipment. CC moore from Total fishing tackle have some lovely equipment for you to choose from.

Best time to visit for fishing is between Oct and April and you can also have Saal, Korang, Gorua, Boka available places here for fishing abundantly.

Apart from this, you can also do fishing in Kaveri River of Karnataka but you need to have a license from Coorg Wildlife Association, Elephant Lake in Kerala, and the lakes in Kashmir.

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