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Find Out What Anchor Text over Optimisation Is and How You Can Avoid It

by Editor (editor), , January 11, 2017

According to proven studies, people are unlikely to connect with the right keywords on your category pages for various reasons.

While anchor texts play a vital role when it comes to improving your site’s overall ranking in search engines, overdoing it could spoil its online reputation. In the recent times, anchor over-optimisation has been the trending topic on the internet marketing platform. As it were, this is a situation whereby one inserts too many backlinks containing targeted anchor texts thereby making them valueless. This is when you stuff your site with a huge number of targeted links with no results coming through.

At, we focus on making use of the anchor text in a more profitable manner. You can always visit us to learn how to effectively utilise your anchor text in a more positive way. Here, you can also have the chance to learn how to appropriately distribute your anchor texts without overdoing it. According to proven studies, people are unlikely to connect with the right keywords on your category pages for various reasons.

As it were, most people want you to lower the number of targeted links you are generating and instead include a variety of anchor texts. You may have been doing quite some work on SEO but not getting the much needed high ranking for your site. Well, this is actually a point to consider since you may want to begin generating different types of anchor text to keep your profile in balance.

It is true that your field may not be the same as your colleagues and that is why you should conduct your own analysis and establish what your normal anchor text usage will be for your business. You can achieve this by pulling the anchor text record from SERP’s OSE sites. gives you an opportunity to learn the SEO best practices and make use of the knowledge to boost your site’s online presence. While anchor texts offer vital information to search engines such that they are used to determine what to anticipate when do-following the links, if not handled with care, the results can be very discouraging. For instance, you may post content containing a sentence on content marketing companies and thereby highlighting the words “content marketing.” In this case, the highlighted words is the definitely the anchor text in question.

A good example of anchor text over optimisation is where you are targeting a money-related phrase and your site’s name is Auto Hallmark. In this case, auto insurance is not actually your domain’s name but you have numerous links directing to a certain webpage utilising auto insurance as the actual anchor text. Chances are that Google is going to regard this practice with a lot of suspicion thereby affecting your site’s rankings.

What then must you do to avoid this problem? Foremost, you need to carry out a thorough keyword research. It is advisable that you begin by considering your first 3 highly-rated competitors. These competitors are having an upper hand over you because they have the desired keyword phrases. Scrutinise through their anchor text profiles and check if you can copy or improve on their style to benefit your business.

To be on the right track, you will need to get rid of stubborn backlinks in your content. Find out those spammy links and remove them. It is our bet that after exploring the above link as an online marketer, you now know the difference between a spammy and a good site and the means by which these links are achieved. The first step is therefore to start eradicating them one by one and replacing them with the more natural links. In the event that you have a blog hyperlinking to a related webpage and your main keyword is contained in that particular sentence, then you are doing the right thing.

Bottom line: You need content that will attract links. This is critical when it comes to developing your domain’s authority. However, you should also remember to enhance each of your site’s pages including video, titles, graphics, H1s and H2s among other elements. The trick here is to generate an authoritative website containing highly enhanced pages with an aim of achieving high rankings in search engines.

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