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Effective Ways to Study for the ICSE

by Sankar (writer), Kolkata, January 09, 2017

The ICSE examination, being one of the most important board exams, requires proper and extensive preparations. Studying through various effective ways can help you in coming out with flying colors.

The ICSE examination is the first board exam of the students where they are exposed to a greater competition. Therefore, unlike the previous school exams, the ICSE requires the students to study harder and smarter. As this is the first national assessment of your education qualityand foremost step towards attaining your goal in life; you must need to study efficiently. Because the scores you'll secure in this exam can play a very influential part in your future endeavors. Here are some of the most effective ways to study for the ICSE exam that will help you to score excellent marks.

Know the Syllabus and Yourself

It is important that you carefully follow the lessons and notes given in your class. For knowing the syllabus properly and cover it in a systematic manner, it is important to stay attentive in the class. You never know when those running notes, taken during the class sessions, can come handy during the preparation for the exam. You know yourself better than anyone else. So if procrastination is something you do often then you must stop it immediately. Building a habit of doubt-clearing and studying on a regular basis is necessary if you want to excel in the ICSE exam.

Build a Strategy, Plan the Studies

The most effective way to study properly is by building a strategy and planning how you're going to study. By chalking out a timetable for the board exam preparation you become able to allocate sufficient time for each subject. It may be the early morning or the late night, choose a time for studying with which you are most comfortable. Selecting a convenient study space and time, you easily maintain a balance between your life and study.

Solve Previous Year’s Questions

Once you are done with setting up a strategy, it's time for you to start solving the last years' question papers. You can include a separate section in your timetable to practice the previous question papers, subject wise. It is by going through these previous years' question papers that you'll be able to analyze the parts from where the most questions are set.

Mark the Important Points

After knowing the frequently asked topics and sections, it is better to mark the important points. This can be one of the most effective ways to find out important information when you need them. By highlighting important formulas, points or diagrams you’ll able to save more time and easily locate them.

Practice and Revise Are Must

Practice and doing revisions are something irreplaceable for performing very well in the examination. The more you write, the more you solve questions, the better you'll understand the subject. By regular practicing, you'll be able to know about your strong and weak points as well. Instead of starting to learn a totally new topic during the last days before the exam, give more focus on revisions. There is nothing better than doing weekly revisions to memorize all the topics.

Teachers’ Guidance Is Helpful

Sticking to the guidelines of your school teachers can be very helpful. After covering the whole syllabus, making a strategy and doing all the practice and revisions, the last most effective way to study is by sticking with the teachers' advice. Whenever you come to any topic that is hard to understand, there is no one better than a teacher to help you out.

Scoring excellent marks in the ICSE , considered as one of the toughest board examination, is possible. But for that what you need is some effective ways to study. It is only then that you’ll be able to perform your best in the exam, irrespective of how vast is the syllabus is or how short time is left.

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