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A Life Dreams Adventure

by Stuartclocks (writer), , January 05, 2017

Most of us know what a mood booster it is, to experience the buzz and zing of planning and anticipating a holiday. A lot of the time, we plan our holidays for the safe destinations;

Summer is almost upon us. Sensational season of sun, fun, sizzle and swizzle. Whether you are taking lengthy annual leave during the Summer holidays, or just ensuring that your time off over the Christmas break is maximized, you’ll want to have a memorable, dream holiday.

Most of us know what a mood booster it is, to experience the buzz and zing of planning and anticipating a holiday. A lot of the time, we plan our holidays for the safe destinations; the family Bach at Pauanui, or the familiar, oft-visited campgrounds up North, or splashy, splendorous, overseas tourist brochure destinations that everyone will recognize. But sometimes, like a burr in our mind, we get the idea that we should dream a little bigger when making our holiday plans and we begin to dream of a luxury European holiday.

So, if you are looking for some inspiration for your dream holiday, read a few travel blogs for a unique holiday experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, you can pick one of the fabulous holiday packages at Life Dreams. These people offer four types of holidays: Comfort, Adventure, Adrenaline and VIP tailor-made. They can make dream holidays come true for everyone: solo travelers, honeymooners, groups of friends and families large and small.

Forget experiences like living in a cramped cabin on a Princess Cruise liner, or enduring the faded opulence of the Orient Express, that’s so last century. Think instead of luxury European holidays that combine magnificent accommodation, excellent cuisine with holiday activities ranging from relaxing activities all the way up to high-octane adrenaline experiences. Interested? Take a look at the sort of thing that you could do on the most epic holiday ever.

Want to be like Richie McCaw and go acrobatic gliding? It can be arranged. But if that’s not your cup of tea, or you’re afraid of heights, then how about doing something unusual, like dog sledding? If you’ve never secretly nurtured a desire to participate in the Iditarod, or dog sledding sounds too cold for your warm and sunny personality, then consider the delights of mountain biking and paragliding through sun-soaked Italy. This link to a whole YouTube channel is devoted to providing tantalizing video clips of a range of exciting holiday activities: from hell-skiing, to kayaking, to zip-lining. There seems to be one common theme that links all the videos on this channel Ð they’re unique activities that will ensure that your holiday is not boring.

Another great idea to take the hassle and stress out of planning a holiday is to get someone else to tailor-make a holiday for you. Going to a site like this removes the stress of making arrangements, but provides the assurance that your holiday will be extra special, because the service offered there is one where they do their best to make your experience unforgettable. You are still in control of your experiences - you can request things like a professional photographer or radiographer to record your unforgettable memories and photos, or a ride in a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce.

For the best holiday of your life, and a complete break from routine, experience some of the most mind-blowing activities of your life. From relaxing activities to extreme sports, make the choice for your dreams to come alive.

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