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How To Make Babies Learn While They Play?

by Ani (writer), , December 30, 2016

It’s very important for parents to spend quality time with their babies and encourage and discourage them when required.

All babies do is gaga and googoo but they are actually the most curious of all beings. They like to speak and being spoken to. Exploring things with your child, playing games with him and taking him out into the real world will teach him more about life and people than any goodnight story ever will.

It’s very important for parents to spend quality time with their babies and encourage and discourage them when required. We all want our kids to think of us as superheroes so instead of discouraging, we stay mum when they do something wrong and instead of teaching them on our own, we choose to send them to a kindergarden because who wants to become a boring parent, right?

But here I have listed some cool games that will not hamper your image and still instill good values in your kid and make him enjoy learning:

1) Peek-a-boo

I know this little human popped out just a few months ago but he is super dependant on you. So everytime you play a game of peek-a-boo, see the look on your child's face. He'll be amused to see you every time you do it. This teaches your kid that you are something he can depend upon and will always be around him even when he thinks he has lost you, you will come back in a ziffy. This game teaches kids how to trust their parents. This game can be played with one year olds.

2) "Guess what is it"

Play games like "guess what is it". Take a stuffed toy or any toy for that matter, hide it under a cloth and let him touch it and guess. This helps the child put together a lot of his senses to use. Plus also teaches the child, texture of certain things. This game is suitable for one year olds.

3) "What if i drop it"

Give your baby a stuffed toy cube and a rubik's cube. Let him touch both the objects and drop each of them turn by turn. Ask him which one hit the ground first and why? Ask him which one was soft and what exactly is meant by softness and hardness? Which one made a sound like thud and which didnt? Youre going to probably get a lot of interesting answers. This game will teach your baby about the weight of different objects and what can happen if one drops them. This provokes the child to think. Please use toys that are baby safe because he's probably going to drop it over and over again. Ideal to be played with two year olds.

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4) Hand stuff over to him

Let him hold your car keys, pass you your socks, bring that toy back. All these things will teach your baby about sizes, textures, weights and how things differ from each other. He needs to understand that not all things smell and feel similarly.

5) Get excited, big time

When something he did entranced you (mostly everything will except his pooping and peeing), let him know about it. React loudly and cheer him up. Giggle and keep giggling till he joins you. He needs to feel appreciated and loved and understand the concept of showing emotions.

6) Go to the backyard

Take your baby to the back yard and let him observe everything around. You're probably going to be bombarded with whys and whats but let him learn and be encouraging. Teach him how its important not to kill insects as they are living too and probably have a family to go back to. All this will make your kid sensitive and knowledgeable. He'll definitely know about earthworms, ants, butterflies, different types of flowers and their peculiar smells a lot before than other kids of similar age.

7) Bath time

Yes, there's a lot to learn in there too. Ask her to splash water (I think she'll already be doing that) and question her why she was able to splash water but not an apple? This will teach her the difference between solids and liquids. Let her get hold of a bubble and explain to her how its different from the other things. Bubbles are magical and explain to her why. Place a ship in her bath tub and a rubber duck and ask her why one sank and the other is simply floating? All this will broaden her imagination and feed to her curoisity.

8) Colour her world

Fill bottles with water and add a few drops of food colouring to it. Teach her different kinds of colours this way. Now jumble the bottles and let her teach you the colours this time. This game will make your kid familiar with the colours at the same time, will work on her speaking skills and give her authority. This game is suitable for two year olds.

9) Sing to your child

You might be out of tune but your child thinks of you as Akbar thought of Tansen. He cherishes your sweet voice. So sing to him lullabies, songs or create songs of your own based on what you are doing. This will not only keep your baby relaxed but will also build his vocabulary.

10) Rhyme time

Kids love repetition. It might bore you but kids love hearing familiar voices over and over again. So have fun rhyme times with him. Speak to him in his favorite character's voice. Do a lot of role play. You can have a rhyme time just anywhere. This will boost your kid's language skills. He will start picking up words from your song and introducing them in his not so well formed sentences.

11) Fun with Fabric

Give your baby different types of fabric to hold and play with like velvet, satin, cotton, cashmere etc. This will intrigue your kid and also help build muscle strength and coordination.

12) Where's your nosie?

Ask your kid questions about his nose, ear and mouth and place his hand on the respective parts. This way he will understand the names of the parts of his body. He will also be delighted to learn the meaning of such words.

Always let your baby know the difference between a warm loving touch and a bad touch. This is something that has to be done from the very beginning. Don't do things you wouldn't want others to do with your babe.

13) Dance with your child

Babies love it when their parents act silly. So get grooving! This will fill your child with joy and make you her favorite friend. Dancing is a great way through which you can bond with your child.

14) Do whatever your child does

You would like to see your bundle of joy laughing, no? So everytime he tries to say a word, imitate him. This will build a foundation for your coversation. It will help develop self confidence in him as he will realize youre having fun in his company.

15) Venture into the kitchen with her

Familiarize her with different kinds of smells like vanilla, cloves, cumin, pepermint, cinnamon. Spices and herbs have fragrances that might fascinate your baby. Let her sniff other household items too. She will like certain smells and dislike a few. This will help her make decisions about what she likes and what she doesnt!

16) Place obstacles

If your baby has started to crawl or is on her walker, she would like to move over things. So place baby safe obstacles in her path like pillows and stuffed toys and see the joy on her face as she conquers over each of them.

17) Arrange and re arrange

Get your baby cups of different sizes and let her fill them with sand or water or oats. Teach her how to pour and shift things from one cup to another. Let her understand when its just enough and when it starts to overflow.

All these games are exhausting and enticing. Your child will be tired by the end and will take a long relaxing nap, giving you a break too. There is no end to learning. Let your child be as imaginative and creative as possible. Remember not to be harsh on him if he/she faulters. Be resilient and understanding, he/she is a child after all. Love will feed her/his soul and let her/him grow. :)

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