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Friday, February 24, 2017

Know Your WWE 2K18 Wish list

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 26, 2016

Let us have a look at the wish list that we want the new series to have so that we will be able to have a better experience altogether with the upgrades and additions.

With the success of the WWE 2K17 where the gamers got to witness a good amount of updates and additional features, the anticipation for the latest series seems to rise as days go by. Even though not much has been revealed about the release date of the game WWE 2K18, we have come up with the predicting considering the previous release dates that by the month of June next year we will be able to have that experience of wrestling game. Let us have a look at the wish list that we want the new series to have so that we will be able to have a better experience altogether with the upgrades and additions.

The Showcase Mode

One of the biggest wish list for WWE 2k18 is bringing in WWE Showcase Mode. The Showcase mode allowed the gamers to have a tour around the major events in the history of WWE. It brought out the element of nostalgia and mystery which was a fantastic for a diehard WWE fan. The absence of the 2k Showcase has been criticized a lot by major gaming forums and personality. The absence of this feature was one of the reason the ratings for 2k17 went down to 70% from 88% for WWE 2k16. Thus we would like the showcase mode back.

Remaster No Mercy

We would want to have 2k and AKI Wresting get together to remaster No mercy. The AKI Corporation is now called Syn Sophia and we are confident that they will not pass out on such opportunity to get linked with WWE again. We want to see the No Mercy game remastered as the Japanese wrestling game which still used AKI Game Engine has no BS gameplay which is what is missing from WWE 2k series.

Bug Control

The biggest issue is the presence of the bug that requires to be fixed. We have been told that 2k are working on them to fix it but since the game is not played online as much, therefore the updates are not done as more often as it should be done. WWE 2k18 should address all the current bugs and work on fixing glitches and lags.

Improve Graphics

In the year 2017 WWE 2K18 is been scheduled to be released for 4k, VR, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S and the fans want some improvement in the graphics . The current version of WWE 2k is not that good in terms of the graphics. Considering FIFA and PES, there is no doubt that face and body rendering can be done in the highest of quality. We want the latest version of 2k to have changes in the atmosphere along with the improvement in the quality of the graphics.

Improve Commentary

WWE 2K18 should have the up gradation of commentary and the commentators should be more correct and more entertaining. The NBA 2k17 commentary was mastered this year and 2k should think about WWE 2k for this year.

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