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How To Hire a Quality Web Developer

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 24, 2016

If you want to know 'How to hire a web developer' and ensure you will not waste money or time for a replacement, then read on...

Hiring a web developer isn't any easy process especially if you are looking for the best fit. He/She is the person who will create the online face or virtual interactivity of your company to the customers. If you want to know 'How to hire a web developer' and ensure you will not waste money or time for a replacement, then read on...

If you are the company is in search for a web developer it is great! But, if you want to make it easier for you and get the best results, go for Web Design Firms. They increase the turnover of your business, and they are already serving Fortune 500 companies. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Priority to DNA first and experience next

When hiring web developers, give the highest priority to the DNA. Though experience is crucial too, success capacity of a person depends on their DNA and how it works for your company. Are determination, drive, important, curiosity necessary for the culture? Or, do you handle deadlines and time management easily? Irrespective of your characteristics, the web developer, has to fit in.

For instance, an amazing Web Developer who worked in MNCs and has no jobs with deadlines will not be able to give his best in a startup company with limited period works. Why? Because a startup demands adaptability, versatility, self-start personality, and risk taking which isn't the same for larger companies.

Make a list of the requirements. Analyze the environment needed. Are you looking for a team player? If so, come up with the specific least, and the candidate should match at least 70% of it. Hiring with DNA priority will help you in defining the company culture and also ensures the team gives great progress.

Of course, candidates aren't genuine in the interviews, and you have to pay observation for the details and evaluate them accordingly.

2. Evaluate the candidates with a project

Do not limit your hiring to oral interviews, try out something new. Evaluate them by giving them a project, small and non-critical which will help you avoid hiring the wrong person in all cases because you see them in action and will get to know if they can fit for the job.

You can also see the efficiency of the candidate and how clean is their final product. Did the person give their best for the final product? Was the solution creative? Can he/she work in limited time?

3. Pick a fast-learner and not specialized skill person

In this fast growing technology, it is necessary to hire a person who can adapt to new technologies in a shorter time because hiring an individual who is specialized in an area would be a disaster if that technology goes out of date. Ask them questions like:

  • Where do you learn new tricks and tips?
  • What is the recent technology you learned?
  • What do you do in your free time which makes you grow in career?

4. Do not ask programming/theoretical questions

Asking developers hypothetical questions like 'In which year did PHP release?' and 'What are OOPS concepts?' wouldn't help you!

If your company is looking for a web developer only for creating a website for business and you wouldn't go for new versions, then it is the best solution to choose a Web Design Firm.

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