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Natural Vs Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

by simonhopes (writer), , December 26, 2016

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Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is an extremely malleable material, so it is ideal for forming striking and diverse furniture pieces for the home.

Rattan is an extremely malleable material, so it is ideal for forming striking and diverse furniture pieces for the home. Rattan is a type of long vine that grows in tropical climates, and when heated, it becomes pliable and can be crafted into furniture using traditional wicker techniques.

Aesthetic appeal. Natural materials without a doubt have an additional charm. Many people agree that natural materials reflect a special sense of warmth that simply is not there in man-made materials no matter how much they resemble the original. But when it comes to rattan, it is hard to tell the difference between natural and synthetic version. Both are available in a wealth of styles, shapes, designs and colours, and give the garden a highly elegant and sophisticated look. Rather than the type of rattan used, the aesthetic appeal of the furniture is influenced by the design. It is important to mention, however, that the quality of the fibre used and the quality of weaving have a major influence on the overall beauty of the furniture as well. And the higher the quality of rattan and weaving the more beautiful the furniture.

Resistance to the outdoor elements. Like the majority of natural materials, natural rattan cannot withstand the exposure to the outdoor extremes particularly well. In fact, it is not suitable for outdoor use at all. It must not be directly exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time and must not get soaked by rain. This means that natural rattan garden furniture must be protected from the weather elements either by a garden furniture cover or be stored indoors during the bad weather. Synthetic rattan, on the other hand, is specially designed to be resistant to the outdoor elements. How well it withstands the exposure to the outdoor extremes depends on the quality of the fibre. Faraway Garden Furniture is made exclusively from all-weather weave which is resistant to both moisture and UV light. In contrary to the cheap versions which are made from ordinary plastic, our all-weather rattan garden furniture does not fade if exposed to direct sunlight. And unlike natural rattan garden furniture, furniture from our all-weather rattan collection can be left outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Durability. Natural rattan furniture is exceptionally strong and durable, of course, if it is protected from the outdoor elements and if it is made according to the highest quality workmanship standards. Quality synthetic rattan is extremely durable as well but there is one major difference. In contrary to natural rattan furniture, our all-weather rattan collection can be left outdoors all year round without the need to worry about the harsh outdoor conditions affecting its beauty or durability.

Comfort. There is no difference between natural and synthetic rattan when it comes to comfort. Instead, the level of comfort your rattan garden furniture will provide you with depends on the design and quality of weaving as well as some other factors such as the size of the furniture because even the cosiest piece of furniture will feel uncomfortable if it is too large for instance. Also, the key pieces of furniture such as rattan garden chairs are typically used with chair cushions which increase both the comfort and the overall aesthetic appeal of the furniture.

However, the big question we’ve been getting from our customers since we launched our poly-rattan range is there’s no obvious weaknesses with natural rattan so why is there a need for a synthetic rattan?

Rattan furniture is continuously growing in popularity and a lot of furniture manufacturers wanted achieve the distinctive look and feel of natural rattan but for a fraction of the cost.

Manufacturers have developed a synthetic rattan furniture that still maintains the general look and feel of natural rattan together with the long lasting durability of the real thing.

They usually start by making the synthetic rattan furniture with a sturdy aluminum frame then instead of wrapping the frame with the natural rattan cane they make use of plastics and resin to create the form.

The plastic material is also extremely malleable and easy to shape, plus its available in a wide array of shades and colours. And I have to be honest with you, the good thing with the synthetic varieties is that they still maintain that strength of the natural rattan too.

The plastic or synthetic rattan look furniture is strong and, if properly looked after, will last you an incredibly long time. Also, it is very easy to clean with just warm water and washing up liquid when needed and it is not susceptible to any rust like iron garden furniture or mold like the natural rattan.

The synthetic furniture is usually a little lower in price than natural furniture. It is not uncommon for people to generalize that garden furniture at a lower price does not equal quality and therefore it will not last past a few summer’s. But that is nonsense and they will actually last significantly longer than the natural counterpart, without all the fretting about leaving them out in the rain.

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