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How to Wear Eye Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

Here we will check out whether you can apply eye makeup after cataract surgery and what precautions needs to be taken.

In its early development, cataract can cause blurred vision, myopia or color blindness. If it goes untreated then it will progress to conceal the lens of the eye such that a person can go blind and cannot recover their vision. Therefore it is important that the patient should undergo a cataract surgery on time. Usually, the cataract surgery is performed as an outpatient and it takes only a few minutes to complete the cataract extraction. The patient can relax for a few hours in a doctor’s office and can go home afterwards. Here we will check out whether you can apply eye makeup after cataract surgery and what precautions needs to be taken.

When Can I Wear Eye Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

You will have to follow certain things so that the eye heals more quickly and can be treated successfully. You will need the medicinal eye drops, use antibiotics and regular checkups with your doctor. Regarding when can you wear an eye makeup after cataract surgery, it absolutely depends on the condition of the eye post surgery. Generally, post surgery, the eye is covered with sterile gauze to prevent contamination. During this time, no eye makeup should be applied around the eyes. After a day or two, the gauze will be removed but your eye should be covered with an eye-wear to ensure protection. It will take one or more weeks for complete recovery post cataract surgery.

Get Doctor’s Advise

Some doctors agree that the eye make-up should not be used until the eye is completed healed post surgery. Even in some cases, face makeup and foundation, lipstick will also be not allowed. Additionally, you should use the medicated eye drops regularly. At this time, eye makeup should be worn with utmost care. However, women should first consult with their eye surgeons even before applying the eye makeup for several days post the cataract surgery otherwise it could lead to complications. Also, your doctor may want to know the components present in the cosmetic to ensure it does not possess any harmful materials that could lead to allergic reactions to the active iris.

Usually, doctors give consent to their female patients to wear their eye makeup two weeks post surgery. While there are some doctors, who will ask the patient to wait for four weeks before applying the eye makeup. The cataract removal can be done in two different ways: the faster one is the ultrasonic process in which a small machine uses the sound waves to dissolve the cataract and the another one is mechanical process where the doctor manually removes it. Both these process will take 15 to 20 minutes only for completion but later on requires more time to heal.

Eye Makeup After Cataract Surgery

The ultrasonic method or phacoemulsification can cost more than the mechanical methods but the healing process is relatively faster. The manual or the mechanical methods requires stitching of the ophthalmic lens to the artificial lens, which is placed on the iris and hence it is low priced but recovery may take longer.

All in all, the question of how soon you can wear an eye makeup after cataract surgery depends on the condition of the eye after the surgical removal of cataracts. If the eye is healed completely, then it will have no problem at all. Otherwise, women needs to be careful since the eye makeup may contain certain substances that can irritate the eyes. Consult your eye doctor before applying the eye makeup after few weeks since you have undergone the cataract surgery to avoid complications.

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