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Sell Your RV

If you are planning to sell your RV, one important task is to make sure that every part is in its best condition. In case your RV wooden flooring has rotten, here are a few DIY tips to repair it.

Is it time to sell my RV? If the question has lately popped up in your mind, then start preparing your motor home for sale. And your first step towards this should be to ensure that your rolling home looks adorable when buyers walk into it. Besides cleaning it thoroughly, consider doing away with those ugly spots that threatens to completely ruin its appeal. Flooring is one such area that calls for your attention. If your RV has wooden flooring, the chances are that it might have rotten at certain places due to prolonged exposure to water and moisture. What is the best way to deal with this problem? Replace it. Here are six easy steps to do just that in a cost-effective way:

1.Analyze the Full Extent of the Damage

Use an awl – the tools used for making holes in wood – to check the scope of the damage to your RV flooring.

2.Remove the Badly Damaged Areas

Once you find out where the damage is, remove all the rotted wood and any covering over it.

3.Allow the Wooden Frame to Dry

Once all the rotten wood is removed, let the exposed wooden frame dry out for at least a week.

4.Apply a Mold Killing Product

Your next step should be to kill any mold that may linger due to the damage caused by water. Spray some anti-freeze over the wooden surface to kill any left-behind mold. Now, let the disinfectant dry for a couple of weeks. You can also opt to kill the mold using a borax solution.

Be careful while working with anti-freeze because it is poisonous. It is very harmful and can prove to be fatal to humans and animals if consumed.

5.Seal the Wooden Frame

Combine epoxy resin with a hardener to create a strong sealant. It will only protect the area from further water damage, but will also strengthen the rotted wood. In addition, it will prevent mold from growing on the wooden surface once again. If you want the sealant to cover a large area, thin the epoxy with thinning agents like Acetone, denatured alcohol, and Xylene. However, before you start using epoxy, make sure that the area where you are mixing it is well-ventilated because epoxy can be harsh. Wear disposable gloves and a respirator while thinning epoxy with any of the agents.

You can use ready-to-use solutions that are specially designed to fix rotted wooden flooring. Alternatively, you can make your solution by mixing standard epoxy resin, hardener, and thinning agent. The time you will need to work with the epoxy resin will depend on the type of epoxy and the hardener that you are using.

First, mix the epoxy resin and the hardener, and then slowly stir in the thinning agent. You can apply this mixture to the rotted surface as well as all the sub-floor surfaces.

6.Add or Replace the Wooden Frame and Flooring

The resin can take a few days to cure. In the meantime, add new wood to the sub-floor to make it sturdy. You can also add cross supports to the cut out damaged areas. When you complete these jobs, you can spray another layer of epoxy on the new wood and let it cure.

Once this second layer of epoxy dries, add insulation to the floor. Cover the insulation with a sheet of plywood and, for added protection, spray a third layer of epoxy and let it cure once again.

Taking care of small details will help you a lot if you have been asking yourself how I can sell my RV quickly. Follow these DIY tips to repair the rotten wood flooring of your RV affordably. It will take you one step closer to a lucrative deal.

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