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5 Reasons Driving Games Make You a Better Driver

by Stuartclocks (writer), , December 23, 2016

One of the major things that driving games do is teach you about the car itself. With the years passing by, game developers are emphasizing more and more on providing the players with ultra-realistic

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was an earth where jocks behaved like jocks and nerds were, well, nerds. But gone are those days when the nerds were laughed upon for staying home and playing games. In this new era, video games are present everywhere and almost everyone is addicted to some game or the other. However, these games are not just for virtual pleasure. They have many implications in the real life as well. Many universities are studying the implications of video games on real life and most have provided positive results that video games are indeed good for enhancement of hand eye co-ordination in people.

1. Learn about Cars

One of the major things that driving games do is teach you about the car itself. With the years passing by, game developers are emphasizing more and more on providing the players with ultra-realistic gaming experiences. One of these experiences include the knowledge about cars themselves. Getting an in-depth knowledge about various automobile brands along with which parts would help in enhancement of which functionality of the car. All these added knowledge helps the novices to know about the auto world so that in real life they can pick and choose their money's worth. The most important part of playing driving games is the fact that you will learn about cars out of your own interest in a fun process and not in a tedious manner.

You don't have to shell out too much money to buy such games, you can play online racing games at muchgames and increase your knowledge about cars.

2. Getting the Brain in full Throttle

Driving requires a strong presence of mind as you might have to take decisions in the fraction of a second when you are on the road. Studies have confirmed that driving games strengthens your capabilities of decision making. Just like in the real world, virtual driving games too have the requirements of making fast paced decisions while you are driving. As most of the online driving games are of racing types, players stay more alert because the consequences can be losing the game. The gamer are more accurate in predicting the future happenings on the road while driving through a situation. Players’ brain can calculate the probabilities of an incident happening at a faster pace.

3. Hand Eye Co-ordinations

Various research shows that players who are addicted to driving games have a much better hand to eye co-ordination than those who are not used to playing. Driving is one of those skills where the hand eye co-ordination requirements are huge. Be it changing lanes or applying breaks or accelerating the car, a good hand to eye co-ordination is almost always appreciated even in real life driving situations. If you play driving games, you can do all these in real life too, without taking your eyes off the road in a really smooth manner.

4. Being Defensive on the Go

Driving games don’t really replace the lessons with a driving instructor, but what they do is refine the skills that you have picked up from your lessons. Driving games are often played in multiplayer versions which help in building a stronger defense of the drivers. These defensive skills help in the real world by letting the drivers become alert in difficult situations. It helps in making a good decision regarding the various opponents or drivers present in the vicinity of the car and what they may do next.

5. Processing Speed

This is another vital skill required while you are driving. Wondering what it is? Well, processing speed deals with the speed with which your brain analyses various information and relates them to the reality or the current situation. Since driving games often feel the need of diverging through stressful situations and also speeding up if the situation calls for it. In real life, this might help you in watching a driver change lanes without signaling and processing that he may hit you in the process so you slow down to prevent the accident.

Thus, you see that driving games are not just present for pleasure, they also help you in learning some of the most vital lessons of real life driving too. Now that you are aware of the benefits of driving games, you can enjoy them in a guilt free manner.

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