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Do Students' Opinions of Their Teachers Matter?

by Sankar (writer), Kolkata, December 19, 2016

As we always se there is a good and bad side to all the innovations and thoughts. But let us move forward taking the good ones into consideration.

What would your answer be if you come across such a question? How would you answer this question being a Parent, Teacher or a Student? If I was the one I would give answer as ‘Yes’. But of course, there are some NO’s too. So let us analyze them now

To start with let us look at the positive side .That is, why is it an YES .

Different Students have different needs

Different children even of a same house have different abilities and needs. Then how we can we say that different students in a class can understand when a teacher teaches in a particular method.

In this case, if there is a valuation of a teacher from a student’s side, the teacher can understand how to deal with each child in the class. If this valuation is made in every week this helps the child’s development in the whole round arena. In the modern system, we talk to the parents about the children and this in a way does not encourage or bring much positive development in the child.

Encouraging the weak children.

At the modern system, the children cannot even talk to the parents and the parents do not have the time to deal with any kind of difficulties of their child. At this stage a teacher can help the child if she can really understand the behavioral and psychological condition of the child. If the child is given a chance to review the teacher with the assured confidence that it may not be disclosed, the teacher can help the child. This gradually helps in the total development of the child. When the child develops in the education, confidence gets generated in their minds and this will result in their overall growth.

Development of the Teacher

Normally a new teacher takes a lot of time to reach to each and every child of the class. To reach at the stage of the individual development of the child; the teacher has to pass through many other stages as the overall management of the class.Teacher will have to build confidence in every child of the class. Only then will the children open up their abilities and disabilities to the Teacher. This in turn will help the teacher to enhance her skills in the class.

So in this case, if the student evaluates the teacher, then the teacher can understand the points to be carefully noted and the different types of Skills to be notified. Thus the teacher can help each child in the class to develop.

Now let us see why we don’t need the EVALUATION OF THE TEACHERS BY THE STUDENTS

The attitude of the Teacher

Though teachers are always considered as divine and equal to God, they are human and it is always HUMANE TO ERR.

That is; when the student evaluates a teacher, it is meant for the development of the specific child. But will this really happen, may be no, else the Teacher may sometimes develop a different attitude towards the children. The teacher may Sometimes develop a hesitant consideration for the child.

The Teacher may keep grudge towards the child to reveal the teachers weakness in the subject being taught.

The Students may misuse the opportunity

This is one of the greatest problems that the society may face. Today’s children have a humiliated attitude towards everything that may come across them. Sometimes they even think beyond the level of the teacher.

Such children may use this opportunity to take their revenge on the teacher that they hate.

And this may in turn end up in terminating the teacher from the school.

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