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Beards: The Ultimate Sign of Progressive Lifestyle

by simonhopes (writer), , December 19, 2016

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Progressive Lifestyle

Beards are a symbol of modern lifestyle. At present, every man desires to keep a stylish beard, which would enhance their looks. They should also remember to maintain and trim their facial hairs.

Recent researches have shown that male beards convey a heroic image of the self-governing, well-built and enthusiastic innovator; who is ready, willing, and capable of achieving the impossible. It is considered to be the final sign of pride for men. They come in various shapes and sizes and also stand for wisdom and potency in certain cultures. Although in the earlier days, a clean-shaven look was more preferred but as the society is progressing, beards have managed to acquire a strong grip over the personal as well as professional lives of a man. However, in order to look good with a beard, men must follow certain tips as mentioned in the following discussion.

Maintaining the Beard

Have you spend a lot of time in growing your beard? Do you want everyone to appreciate your effort? Well, follow certain maintenance tips as described below to attain the ideal beard, which every other man would envy and desire to have.

    1.You need to be sure about the length of your beard. The simple reality is that every man’s hair grows at different paces; hence, in order to achieve the expected stretch, you need to keep patience. Most men would have thick facial hairs within a few months.

    2.During the first weeks of growing, your skin may turn dry and itchy. In this phase you try not to give up. Do not believe the TV commercials, which claim to make your beard grow faster or thicker. At times, beards depend on genetics, which may lead to difficulty in the growth.

    3.Remember to leave a little space below the jaw and try to give a nice finish to your beard. In this way it would look pleasing to every other person.

    4.Washing the beard is absolutely necessary. However, you must never use shampoos because facial hairs are different from those on the head. Dry the beard by patting it gently with a towel. Conditioning every strand of your beard would enhance its volume. Jojoba oil stands out to be a great natural conditioner.

    5.Without combing, the beard would look dirty. Thus, be sure to slowly untangle all the strands of the facial hair with a fine-toothed comb. Frequent trimmings are also mandatory to maintain the length of the beard. This would also preserve your tidy look.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to have a beard, which could easily win the hearts of all. As concluded from the above discussion; washing, conditioning, combing and trimming are the four essential steps of preserving your beards. Earlier men used to trim with scissors but as the present lifestyle have undergone a drastic change; many new accessories came into the market. One such outstanding equipment is the beard trimmer. With increasing demand, the cosmetic companies are incorporating large number of exceptional features to the trimmers, in order to make them more appealing to the customers.

Characteristics of an ideal Beard trimmer

    ·Must have adjustments that would ensure accurate trimmings.

    ·It must have a smaller blade that would be used for trimming the moustache.

    ·Should be light-weight so that any slip would not ruin the shape and style of your facial hair.

    ·Must have a strong grip.

    ·Chargeable trimmers are better than the ones having battery as batteries might leak and cause accidents

Every beardsman must keep the above-mentioned traits in their mind while buying a trimmer. They could also look for beard trimmer reviews on the digital platforms.

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