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Options to Stay Connected When Moving

Find out ways to stay connected while moving, with your current internet service provider.

In the digital era, having an internet connection to your home is almost as much of a necessity as garnering gas, running water or electricity connected to it. And when you have decided to pack and move into a new place - whether down the street or across the state - staying connected to the internet is paramount. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss work email, favorite Netflix shows or chats with friends because you are moving, would you?

The good thing is that today’s technology has made huge leaps and bounds, allowing you to have internet connection virtually anywhere across the nation. Whether it's via a satellite signal, cable provider, broadband or fiber, you can connect to the web wherever you call home. And when it come to staying connected or getting internet service setup, you have 3 options when you are set to change places.

Stick with the same provider (assuming the ISP covers your destination)

More often than not, people transfer internet services with their current provider. It’s simple, hassle-free, and often nothing changes in your package/plan. That means you will continue to pay the same provider the same monthly bill to receive, more or less, the same services. Unfortunately, this option can flop if your current provider doesn’t send a signal or doesn’t have the infrastructure in the area you are moving to. Also, you will miss out on new customer deals as well as exclusive discounts offered by other ISPs. Logistically, you just have to provide your internet service provider with the new address so they can fix up a connection.

Terminate Service and Sign Up For Service with Same ISP

This option is a little tacky, but it comes with some benefits. First, you have to cancel your current service with the provider before you move. When you have settled down, you can now re-establish the service with the same internet provider. Does sound like a lot of work? Hold your horses; with this move, you can easily negotiate your “new” plan with the provider. This way, you can pay a lower monthly charge, and you also have an opportunity to bring in additional features on board. The downside is that your provider might not be serving the area you are moving to. Another problem is that if the cost of the service has since gone up, you might have to cough up a little more money.

Terminate Current Service, Move, Then Establish Service With a New ISP

This option is pretty simple: cancel your current plan before you move then sign up with another ISP on the other side. Since you are practically new to the area and the ISP, you are in for special deals, options, and new contract discounts. The downside is that you’ll be starting from the scratch - researching, choosing, getting set up, and so on.

Logistically, you will have to do a bit of research to identify top-notch internet service providers serving your new neighborhood. You will also have to familiarize yourself with their plans. The process you either be slow and painful or fast and painless.

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