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Keeping All Your Gadgets In Sync – Sharing Information Between Devices

by Editor (editor), , December 13, 2016

You can use your phone as a computer and you can use your computer as a phone.

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Most of us are eager to get our hands on a plethora of gadgets from smartphones to computers to laptops to tablets. The lines between these products are consistently getting blurred, with each of them capable of the same processes. You can use your phone as a computer and you can use your computer as a phone.

The issue of this is that different information is now stored on different devices. For example you may have an app on your tablet that you want to use on your phone, or some notes on your laptop that you want to use on your computer. If all your devices are of the same make (all Apple-based) then transferring information is simple. However, what if all your devices are of different makes?

Fortunately, technology has found a way around this issue. One of the best ways to have everything stored in the same place is to embrace cloud technology. Using Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud programmes can keep all your important items in the same place. You can then read a document you did on your computer on your phone or alternatively transfer photos on your phone to your computer. This is far quicker than the old route of having to email oneself attachments.

Another handy tool is social media. You can upload images to Facebook from your phone, set them to private and then photoshop them later on your computer.

You may have to download certain programmes so that certain software is compatible with other devices. For example, in order to view Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on an iPhone, you’ll need a relevant app. Writing documents directly in Google Docs is an easy way to handle documents – just make sure your connection is strong enough to handle it.

For security software, there are also programmes that can cover all your devices regardless of whether their Windows, Android or Apple (the Bitdefender Multidevice coupon might be worth trialling whilst the Black Friday offer is on!). This can prevent you having to shell out on multiple anti-virus software programmes for every device.

You can even backup your phone contacts on Google Cloud. Not only does this mean you can ring your contacts off your computer (if you have a cloud-based telephone system installed), it also makes transferring contacts between two different phones a lot easier. Gone are the days when you had to write all you contacts down when making the move from an Android to an iPhone. You can now have it all readily available for your new phone regardless of make or model.

Finally, there’s the option of sharing music over the Cloud. Cloud storage has not only made mp3 storage redundant, but allowed you to listen to the same library whether you’re on your computer, phone or tablet. Streaming services such as Spotify already rely on this technology, and even have some limited options to listen offline.

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