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Textile Industry is Big Enough to Accommodate Diverse Talent

by Jirakee jones (writer), , December 13, 2016

We need different clothes made of different materials. Design also matters because we all have differences in sizes, shapes and lifestyles.

The textile industry has been considered big business since the age of the Industrial Revolution. There is no question we need such industries as we all need clothes to wear on many occasions and seasons. From sleeping to work, we need different clothes made of different materials. Design also matters because we all have differences in sizes, shapes and lifestyles.

As time goes by, more and more people are frequently buying clothes. In the past, one set of clothes was enough for 5 years. Nowadays, people seem to buy every month. Because of this, the textile industry has developed some technologies that can keep up with the production of textile needed to produce clothes and other apparels. Although the industrial sewing machine has long been invented, its features have continuously been improved to serve the growing demand.

Since the demand for textile started to grow once more, many companies are now expanding and rebuilding. As a result, more and more people are needed to run a bigger operation. This is why many different types of jobs have opened for various talents. To give you some tips, here are some of the talents needed by the growing textile industry:

1. Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are very important in the textile industry. They know what products to be done because they are the ones who set the trends. If a famous fashion designer designs a dress that needs a particular textile product, this textile product will surely have high demand. In addition, fashion designers are always associated with textile industry, so they are two indispensable fields.

2. Salespeople

The textile industry is composed of many different companies competing for one big market. This means that every company must hire talented salespeople to beat the market. If you are running a clothing shop, people may come to you, but there is no guarantee they will buy your products. They are probably just looking. It is up to you to convert such visitors to real customers by convincing them to buy. This can be done by talented salespeople.

3. Chemists

Chemists and chemical engineers will not run out of options to look for a job in the textile industry. Textile products are chemically processed. They are not ready-made products from nature. The role of chemists and chemical engineers is crucial as it determines the quality of products that will give the first impression to first-time buyers. If the chemist is really talented, the likelihood of producing quality textile products is high.

4. Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers are those who design and implement a production system to ensure efficiency. They also supervise production workers and monitor the progress or output.

5. Customer Service representative

Almost all companies need to have a customer support. The textile industry is not exempted from it. Any company that grows will have to keep its customers by providing a good customer service. Some companies would hire and train people. Other will outsource services from an agency. Whatever option it is, the important thing is that customers will always look for someone to talk to, and there should always be someone to answer an inquiry or complaint.


The textile industry may not be enough to provide jobs for all people, but this industry is far more generous than any other industry. In terms of providing jobs to diverse talents, today, it can accommodate a lot of job seekers. There may be times that the need will slow down, but the future of textile industry is bright. Therefore, more and more talents will benefit in the long run.

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