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How to Do Affordable SEO for Small Businesses/Startups?

by Sheharyar (writer), , December 13, 2016

No matter what kind of business is, SEO is a must-do hack for it and when it comes to small businesses or startups SEO goes vital for their survival.

The search engines facilitate visitors with their respective search terms and if you don’t have competitive or target keywords, never will your site rank in top search results. Without SEO of your business, you can just waste time and money. Here are we presenting some of the best and practical small business SEO hacks that can boost your site ranking and daily traffic in less than two months.

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

It’s never late to kick off your business and new strategies but when it comes to SEO of small businesses, you can’t wait for the right time but you got to make the current moment to make your start. The sooner you do SEO of your business, the better results it will yield. With putting delay to your business, you make room for more competitors and it gets really harder with time.

Never Underestimate Your Competitors

This is the time that requires every business to have a website. Definitely you will have a number of competitors in your business and knowing their real and actual power is what makes the big difference. With evaluation of their marketing strategies and business plan, you can create more effective and creative policies for your business. In online business, the website owners must understand how to capture a particular market share in order to make their business successful and get-go impressive.

Keywords Assignments

Site tanking and game of more traffic only comes when you target the right keywords. Hiring an experienced guy or SEO team will come handy in setting up the best business. Give your SEO team time, let them find the relevant and most searched keywords and once it’s done never waste time to invest into those keywords. Going a bit different as compared to your competitors will be effective. Utilization of keyword searching tools should be seriously considered.

Long Tail and Low Volume Keywords

In start of your business, you can never make big and approach the success of well-known brands. For the best start and to make it work smoothly, you must target long tail keywords that have low competition. With long tail keywords, you can attract more visitors, get more conversions and attain increased sales. Low volume keyword are considered best as well because you will have fewer competitors and capturing a certain market share in your niche becomes easier before you ply big.

Utilize Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Along with your traditional SEO techniques, you should seriously reckon to use pay per click. Though it’s a bit expensive but if you have a reasonable amount to spend on PPC, believe me you are going to rock the market. Every possible small business hack must be used with passion, dedication and a hope to turn your business into something really great. Play in a way that you later on feel proud of rather than always regretting what you did.

Focus Must be Visitors

It’s common misunderstanding that if you hit search engines, you can create difference but the myth needs to be improvised because it’s the visitor that must be your target not the search engines. Content must be creative, unique, and fresh and must be updated regularly. Having a blog page will be perfect to attract and keep your current visitors to your website. When a website fails to cater customer needs, those visitors look forward to other businesses of the same niche. You can never afford losing customers in your start.

Go on Social Sites

Let me share with you guys that nowadays more than 70% of the users come through mobile phone browsers so you must have a mobile friendly website. It must be highly optimized otherwise you will miss a great number of your visitors. Along with going social is really a cool and productive way of marketing. Figure out the best social forums for your business, create company pages, and post fresh and catchy content with viral blog ideas and target the time that brings most number of visitors.

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