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How Live Scan Works (Full Process)

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 08, 2016

Live Scan services are available in many areas of the globe; you can also check for a nearest Live Scan right nearby your home.

Live Scan is also called as an Inkless electronic fingerprinting. DOJ or FBI receive the applicants fingerprints directly through electronic transmissions for evaluating the presence of criminal records. Live Scan is a perfect replacement of age-old technique of recording the finger prints manually by rolling them through ink. Though the process is still being followed in many sections, fingerprints digitization makes the process faster and we can trasmit the fingerprints in a matter of seconds compared to the days in hard copy technique.

Live Scan services are available in many areas of the globe; you can also check for a nearest Live Scan right nearby your home.

Where can we apply the Live Scan Fingerprint Technique?

Live Scan fingerprint technique can be used in various categories by the contractors, notaries, care givers, stock brokers, security guards, lawyers, DMV professionals, Doctors, and Foster parents.

Why should we prefer Live Scan over traditional Ink Fingerprint?

Traditional fingerprinting has many problems associated with it like under/over inking, smudging, or smearing. This problems do not occur in Live Scan because they do not involve a manual process and are trasmitted directly through electronics to DOJ. DOJ thereby tests the background for the evaluation of criminal records by the prints and returns results in a span of 1-2 days for employer or the licensing agency.

What are the steps involved in Live Scan Process?

Live Scan is a simple and reliable process; you can book your appointment after finding the nearest Live Scan Center. The steps involved are:-

  1. Depending on the place, the employer or the licensing agency asks you to fill out the Live Scan form or passes a request for filling the required details. You have to fill several copies and they include details such as your name, Date Of Birth, address, gender, etc. Along with the form, you should also submit a valid identity proof.
  2. Find the nearest center available and clear your questions with them. Choose a time schedule which is convenient for you and get an appointment after clearing the requirements needed. Also, do not forgot the complete details because it varies from a place to another.
  3. You have to pay fee for a Live Scan process. Payment changes from one place to another depending on the location, so you must have an idea of the payment fee and also the payment methods available before you attend.
  4. Last and final step, a professional scans your finger through the Live Scan process, and it is easy and clean, also doesn't involve messy or ink-stained fingers. Your fingerprint is registered, and the verification completes.

If more than 4-5 people need a Live Scan fingerprint, you can ask a team to come over after finding out the nearest store available to come to your office. Most services send a team of friendly, trained, and certified technicans for the fingerprinting.

Where can I get my Live Scan Results?

You can know your Live Scan results by checking with your licensing agency or your employer and ask them for the submitted form. You also can check your results by a simple call to DOJ Hotline, all you need to do is, enter the ATI number. Number for DOJ Hotline is (916) 227-4557.

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