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How to Maintain Weight During Pregnancy

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 04, 2016

Manage your weight during pregnancy - The following are some causes of weight gain during pregnancy

Currently, diet to maintain weight during pregnancy is widely applied by pregnant women. They are afraid of weight gain due to pregnancy, and fear difficult to lose weight after childbirth, make them on a diet to maintain their weight. But, how do diet during pregnancy?

In fact, when a woman is pregnant, their weight should always be increasing. Weight gain in pregnant women will provides energy reserves during pregnancy, because the baby in the womb also need nutrients required for growth.

Less weight during pregnancy will affect the baby’s brain development and intelligence. In contrast, excess weight during pregnancy will also be a bad influence, which can increase the risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, hypertension and other complications at delivery.

How much ideal weight during pregnancy? Maternal height and weight before pregnancy determine the ideal weight during pregnancy. In general, pregnant women need weight gain around 12 kg to 17 kg. If your weight before pregnancy is less, then you can increase your weight by 14-20 kg. And for those of you who are overweight before pregnancy, you need weight gain about 7-12 kg.

Manage your weight during pregnancy - The following are some causes of weight gain during pregnancy

The increase in blood volume. At the age of 32-34 weeks of gestation, the volume of red blood cells will increase by 30%. At the age of 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, the blood volume began to stabilize. Blood plasma volume will also increase by about 1.3 liters or 40%.

Because of the baby in the womb. Because of the food eaten by pregnant women will also be absorbed by the fetus, then there are certain moments where pregnant women want to eat more. With increased appetite, mother’s weight will also increase.

The increase of fluid in the body.

So, in essence, the most important thing for a pregnant woman is not losing weight during pregnancy, but pay attention to healthy eating patterns and nutritional intake, to keep the fetus healthy until delivery.

Here are the diet settings to manage your weight during pregnancy

The need for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is needed as energy source to support the development of the fetus. The need for carbohydrates per day is at least 2300 calories, and this can be obtained from white rice, brown rice, grain and others.

The need for protein. Protein is necessary to build new cells and forming the basic structures of body organs. Protein requirement is about 12 grams per day, and can be obtained from soy milk, chicken required and yogurt.

The need for calcium. The function of calcium is for the bone formation of the baby and to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in pregnant women. Good sources of calcium are milk, almonds and yogurt.

The need for iron. During pregnancy, red blood cells will increase 30%. Therefore, iron is needed for the formation of hemoglobin. Placental and fetal growth are also requires iron. Iron intake can be obtained from eggs, hearing, spinach, soybeans and its processed product, broccoli and red meat.

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