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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Next Andy Warhol: Marko Stout

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 02, 2016

However, Stout isn't too happy with the comparisons and stated, "Many people are comparing me to Warhol, but I would like to say, I don't follow anyone's style, it's own - pure Marko Stout."

It's an undoubtedly 'Yes' for the question 'Is Marko Stout the next Andy Warhol.' A leading news portal recently published their article calling Marko Stout as the next Andy Warhol drawing comparisons between the latest sensation in contemporary pop, Marko Stout with Andy Warhol and gave a conclusion claiming Marko Stuto as the present generation's Andy. However, Stout isn't too happy with the comparisons and stated, "Many people are comparing me to Warhol, but I would like to say, I don't follow anyone's style, it's own - pure Marko Stout."

Marko Stout is the New York artist with all the potential needed to make his name; very few knew him outside NYC. However, exhibitions along with sales made him get noticed in the media and the art world finally started noticing him.

His artwork is a recreation of pop movement of the 1960s. Also, Stout makes unpredictable music and adds a unique twist to pop. His work stands out as independent, raw, and hardcore with an attitude. His music portrays vigorous and tough lifestyle using ladies in subjects who appears to be in pain but maintains a sexy, detached, and chic attitude in the 21st century.

He has taken the world by storm by making his artworks attention grabbing and provoking, and it's a mix of sexuality with urban myth.

His artworks to a Berlin art dealer made recording breaking sales. The producers of Redwood Media Group claimed it as the largest and biggest show sale in the recent years. Marko Stout became a sensation in social media with a huge attention from young art fans, his sales and gallery crowd is making everyone call him this generation's Andy Warhol.

What do you think? Can we get the next Andy Warhol in Marko Stout? Seems so, and all the art fans must check out this amazing artist and decide it on their own. Marko Stout's voice tends to be the voice of the generation.

Here are some of the excerpts of the interview.

JS: What do you think made your work popular among the youth and also you as a popular artist in NY?

Stout: I have a huge following in age groups of 20, 30 and teenagers in NY. I think it because they can connect to the struggles and lifestyle.

JS: Who is your inspiration and why?

Stout: Everyone inspires me in a way. Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Lou Reed and also Carl Lagerfeld and Alexander McQueen. Movies and films. I can relate to their styles and also give the best to my work.

JS: Your subjects are local NY Women. Are you looking forward to using celebrities?

Stout: No.

JS: Why no celebrities?

Stout: I like them. Liz Taylors, Warhol's Marilyns but they are overdone.

JS: Your sculptures sold in Expo Show made a record breaking sales. Are you looking forward to doing more sculptures?

Stout: It was really a great show. I loved how it turned out, it also gave new dimension to my work. We are planning to show more at our next show. We will also add video components.

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