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All You Need to Know About Soda Blasting Cabinets

by Stanley Thomas (writer), Los Angeles, December 03, 2016

Credit: BadBoy Blasters
Badboy Blasters provides the variety of media blast cabinets, both pressure blast cabinets, and Soda blasting cabinets

Soda blasting is a varied method of sand blasting which uses safe and edible baking soda instead of sand and abrasive materials which make the work safer.

Soda blasting technique is utilized by many organizations and it has also been used in the restoration process of the “Statue of Liberty”. It was done with soda blasting because the statue of liberty consists of very delicate copper skin, which can be harmed easily by abrasive blasting or using sand.

These processes require a soda blast cabinet which holds all the blasting material into it. It is also required to remove fungus deposits, dirt, and contaminations. The soda blasting uses Eco-friendly and less dangerous materials for blasting on surfaces, but it is equally strong as compared to the sandblasting methods. Even a novice person can handle this process with ease and can enjoy working with it.

The swept sand can be very dangerous and it even worsens the breathing conditions at work time that can be injurious to worker’s health. Whereas the baking soda is totally harmless with an exception while painting.

The soda blasting technique can be referred as a non-abrasive method to remove rust, dirt, and coatings from glass, concrete and stainless steel along with the wood and PVC. This is an extremely popular method to remove paint from cars and graffiti from walls. The blasting system uses sodium bicarbonate blast on the surfaces which clean the surface without even harming or causing damage along with this it is an Eco-friendly and non-hazardous method.

The soda blasting process can be accomplished by anyone, all you have to do is to follow the procedure below:

  • First, load the soda into the soda blasting unit and attach the power unit along with the air supplies in accordance with the manufacturer.
  • You will need to have safety equipment like goggles, dust mask, and gloves. Yes! Baking soda is not injurious to health, but why one should take the risk. Even these small particles can make your problem in having breath.
  • Once you get ready with this equipment, you will need to adjust the throttle and the speed of soda blast. The speed of the blast should be optimum and perfect.
  • Next, you will need to open the soda media flow valve and then point the nozzle to the surface which needs to be clean. Now start spraying with steady flow and nozzle angle of 45 degrees from the surface.
  • Once you are done with the process , you can disconnect the power drain and the air supply. You can drain all unused material from the soda blast cabinet.

As an opinion, we would recommend you to not touch these instruments if you don’t have any skill regarding this or you don’t possess any affection to this kind of jobs as they can be quite dangerous. But these risky jobs can be turned out in the fun if you do it in the right way.

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