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Signs that Indicate your Parents Need Home Care

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 28, 2016

There might have been a bruise or two on their arms. When you do notice and make a point to them, they will instantly say, "I am completely fine. Do not worry child."

It isn't simple to figure out when you have the start the discussions about the assistance to your aging parents as everyone thinks. Without you noticing, there are many signs like unopened emails of dad piling up. Or a sign of mom's meticulous behavior of her appearance, not combing her hair and wearing those wrinkled clothes. There might have been a bruise or two on their arms. When you do notice and make a point to them, they will instantly say, "I am completely fine. Do not worry child."

What should you do?

Realize that they need assistance, and they aren't entirely capable of taking self-care, and they would never want to admit it too since they don't like adding responsibilities on your shoulder. Find a home health care because they are in a denial mode. "Denial is a state of unrealistic hope persisting that the problem will not remain for longer. Aged people won't admit that they are in need of help or assistance and it's not easy too for them. They feel it is dependent on others and losing their independence. They ignore the signs and get into a denial mode," states Chairman and Founder of Senior Care, Paul Hogan.

It's the responsibility of the family to recognize the signs early because the aging parents would need assistance for their daily tasks. It doesn't mean you have to shift your loved ones to a nursing home or an assisted living; they just need some at-home health care. If they aren't willing to admit, just look out for these warning signs to know if they need palliative care.

Warning Signs that Say your Parents need Help

  • They aren't ready to throw away the spoilt food.
  • Misses the important tasks
  • Bruises without reasons
  • Have difficulty in getting up or sitting down
  • Balancing, walking and mobility issues
  • Confused and uncertain while doing familiar tasks
  • Forgets things
  • Bad body odor
  • Irregular bathing or showering patterns
  • Strong urine smell in house
  • Ignores personal hygiene
  • Dirty launder piled up and extreme clutter in house
  • Unopened emails piling up
  • Bounced checks, payment notices, and calls regarding bills
  • Weight loss or insufficient diet
  • Lack of interest in activities or hobbies
  • Mood swings
  • Don't remember taking medicines on time or makes incorrectly

If you had observed this signs already with your aging parents, you have to consult a physician immediately. Many factors are possibly responsible for the changes and they aren't limited to UTI, dementia, physical declination leading to depression, injury stroke, and various illnesses. They are in a denial state because no one likes to admit they are weak and wants to be independent. The parents, as well as the child, find it tough for accepting that they need care. The biggest problem is, the families wait for huge things to happen for taking a necessary step. Admit to self when your parents need assistance to make your life happiest and healthy.

The children's duty lies in taking care of their aged parents and help them have a healthy life.

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