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Gimme my Green Christmas - EcoGift Expo

by Aaron S. (writer), santa monica, December 13, 2007


The Santa Monica Eco Gift Expo is THIS weekend at the Civic Auditorium! Buy stuff and feel better about yourself. For reals.

Even if my strip dreidel game ended last night with my pants off, the holiday cheer rages on for most of the city. The spiked apple cider is broowing, zig-zag wrappers now come in Christmas colors, and the dwarf-sized skating rink in Santa Monica is open for business. But the holidays, whatever your religion, are about presents – getting or giving.

This weekend only, you’ll be able to get your fix at the Eco Gift Shopping Festival, taking place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium at 1855 Main Street. Doors are open from 9-8 on Saturday, and 9-5 on Sunday. Whether you’re struggling to find your hippie sister a gift for Hannukah, or hoping for a Green Christmas, then this is definitely your thing. With over 150 eco-conscious vendors selling hemp pajamas, stainless steel kanteens, jewelry, eco tote bags, yoga pants, and a Mr. Ellie Pooh journal (made of 75% Sri Lankan elephant dung) you’re bound to find the perfect gift. Or win the award for Most Eco-Friendly at your office. Along with the standard organic food and fare, live jazz, and magicians, the organizers have also set up an Eco Gift-Wrapping station (Only sustainably harvested wrapping paper will be used. And you get to ‘Rap while we Wrap’).

Eco-Gift was founded by Tommy Rosen, who with his marketing and production background, plans to expand to ten cities by 2009. There’s a live interview of him at Boulder University on the blog, where Rosen explains to a cloying student trying to win laughs with his audience, that consumption during the holidays can be experienced tactfully and responsibly. Rosen is polite, well-spoken, and wins points for wearing Thai necklaces during the dialogue. He put a team together and for the last six months, has been working on the Expo.

And it makes sense. Even with the green sweep throughout our city, finding that perfect product at a decent price proves difficult. So let’s bring them all to Santa Monica! We can spend our dollars anyway we’d like, but using your purchasing power to environmentally friendly products doesn’t just score you an Elephant dung scrapbook, it financially and psychologically supports these businesses dedicated to changing the way we operate and live (As you can tell, the books are first on my list).

I’ve never been so excited for Christmas. Really.

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