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7 Things You Should Never Ignore in your Fitness Routine

by Dr. Ahmed Zayed (writer), Egypt, December 07, 2016

Fitness Routine

There are plenty of exercises to add to your workout plan, which can improve your overall health.

Fitness routine and Health
It is necessary for everyone to have a good fitness routine. When you have a good fitness plan, you are not only enhancing your body shape and attractiveness, but you are also improving your physical and mental health. The workouts can be either light or heavy, and both workouts have positive impact on the health. Some of the health benefits of physical workouts are increment in happiness, improved sleep, energy boost, reduced risk of heart diseases and more. The study shows that regular exercises can even make you smart by enhancing your memory and thinking skills.

You must be excited to get started with workouts, am I right? After knowing about the health benefits of physical activities, you should be excited. However, there is something you need to be concerned about. We will be discussing about it in the next part of the article.

You should not ignore these 7 things
OK. You might have made up your mind to start your workouts, and some of you may even be search for strength training routines. It's great, but what are the 7 things, which should not be ignored by us? Well, here is the list.

1. Sharp abdominal pain
This type of pain begins from within. This type of pain cannot be regarded as a normal physiological response. It can be the symptoms of some disorders like inflamed gallbladder, appendicitis, or pancreatitis. The cause of all three cases is same, and i.e. the blockade in the organ, leading to a serious infection. The exploding organs may even kill a person. If you are experiencing this type of pain, then it is necessary to consult the doctor.

2. Sudden weight loss
It is very important to lose your fats. You may even have the plan to develop a six pack abs, and you may be searching for the best abs workouts for men. However, you should be concerned about sudden weight loss instead of being happy. The study shows that sudden weight loss of more than 5% can be the result of malnutrition. Moreover, it may also indicate serious illness like colon cancer, depression, inflammatory bowel diseases, diabetes, and more.

3. Shortness of breath
Deep breath is beneficial for your health, but shortness of breath is not beneficial for your health. It is normal to experience shortness of breath due to intense exercises, high altitude, or obesity. However, you should immediately consult your doctor if you suddenly experience shortness of breath. The shortness of breath indicates many diseases like lungs disease, asthma, bronchitis, and more.

4. Severe back pain
It is common to experience occasional back pain. However, sudden severe back pain is a completely different case. When you're experiencing sudden severe back pain, the normal remedies like pain killer, heat, and rest does not work. It can well be the sign of aneurysm, and you should consult with your doctor.

5. Constant fatigue
There is a difference between getting very tired after a heavy workout and getting overtired for weeks. If you experience excessive tiredness, then it is a sign of a concern. You should not sit back and wait for it to go away, but you should instead consult your doctor and do some blood test or some other tests. Excessive tiredness may be the sign of depression, mononucleosis, hypothyroidism, and others.

6. Pain with swelling
Pain with swelling generally indicates serious issues. With swelling, your body is transmitting inflammatory factors to that specific area. In the case of injury, your body is unable to differentiate the specific area to heal, which is the reason it send lots of blood along with other substances to many other areas and joints, resulting in diffuse swelling. Inflammation is a sign of healing, but swelling may indicate that there is a continued injury in the specific area or tissue.

7. Chest pain
The major disease related with chest pain is heart attack. You should immediately consult your doctor if you are experiencing chest pain. If the pain is accompanied with sweating, vomiting, shortness of breath, nausea, and arm pain, then you should call 911.

Are you experiencing any of the signs mentioned in the list? I hope not. If you or your loved ones is experiencing the signs mentioned in the list, then you should warn them, and ask them not to ignore those conditions. If you're not experiencing any serious conditions, then you can relax and focus on your fitness. The statistics show that only 5% of the US adults are involved in regular 30 minutes workouts and only one in three adults are involved in recommended amount of workouts.

The statistics clearly indicate that the people are not extracting the health benefits, which can be extracted for free.

About the Writer

Dr. Ahmed Zayed Helmy holds Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. He has completed his degree in 2011 at the University of Alexandria, Egypt. Dr. Ahmed believes in providing knowledgeable information to readers. Other than his passion for writing, currently he is working as a Plastic surgeon at bank el Ahly hospital and is doing his masters at Ain shams University.
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