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The Impact of Time Tracking Software on Employee Culture

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Overlooked benefit of time tracking software is the impact that it can have on employees as well –especially when it comes to company culture.

When it comes to time tracking software, a strong emphasis is placed on the benefits that it offers the company, employers –and managers.

But an often-overlooked benefit of time tracking software is the impact that it can have on employees as well –especially when it comes to company culture.

While the common misconception is that time tracking software is unfairly restrictive –the fact is that when used properly, time tracking is not an unfair attempt to squeeze every last minute out of workers. Instead –it’s about helping companies to streamline their operations, and ensure that workers are treated equally, paid fairly, as well as held accountable. It also allows companies to bill customers accurately, pay commission more fairly, as well as improve project estimation and billing, time management, resource allocation and more. Far from demoralizing a team, a robust time tracking system, when used the way that it should be, can help to improve your workplace environment.

If you’re still on the fence about implementing time tracking software, and wondering if it’s the best option for your company, here’s a look at how this software can have a significant positive impact on your work environment, employee morale, and company culture.

Boosts Morale

It may seem unlikely, but time tracking can boost company morale. When left unchecked, there’s always a chance for workers to feel tempted to log hours for coworkers –or punch in for them. It’s also easy for workers to exaggerate the amount of time that they work –in fact, according to a recent survey by Software Advice, 43 percent of hourly workers admitted to exaggerating their time. One-quarter of those surveyed said that they consistently report more hours than they actually work as often as 76 to 100 percent of the time. When workers see coworkers partaking in this type of time fraud, it’s easy for them to feel discouraged –or tempted to engage in it themselves. But with a time tracking system helps to improve accountability –and ensures equality and fairness. It will also help to cut back on frustrations –and eliminate the possibility of workers feeling pressured into covering for their coworkers who arrive late.

Improves Motivation

Time tracking software has a way of naturally motivating employees. It helps reduce ‘favoritism’ that can occur between managers and employees –when some workers are allowed to inflate their time, while others are held accountable. When employees realize that they are working in an atmosphere of equality, they’ll be able to keep focused, and will be motivated to work more productively.

Ensures Accuracy

While it’s often said that time tracking software reduces the number of ways the employees can cheat the system, it also ensures accuracy on the part of the employer as well. Time tracking software that syncs up with payroll reduces the chance of errors and ensures that paychecks are accurate every time –slashing the chance of errors occurring on both sides. Employees are happier knowing that their overtime is accurately clocked, and employers are satisfied, confident that their team is working the hours that they’re being paid for.

Prevent Excessive Overtime

With an up-to-date system, employers can keep an eye on their workers’ hours. Prolonged or excessive overtime can cause workers to feel stressed and tired –which can contribute to decreased productivity and lowered morale. Not to mention with the new overtime laws that are in place, keeping track of employees’ overtime is extremely important. With a time tracking system, though, employers can get ahead of the game by keeping up-to-date on overtime situations, allowing them to ensure that their team members are being treated fairly, and aren’t being overworked.

Added Convenience

Finally, a modern time tracking system can make life easier for workers. Modern time tracking systems often have modules that allow workers to sign in and check their schedules, and request time off or even swap shifts with coworkers, helping to simplify many tasks that would otherwise have required them to take things up with management.

An up-to-date time tracking system doesn’t just benefit the employer, as you can see it offers significant benefits for workers as well. When it comes to implementing a new time tracking system, it’s important to get your team onboard. You can do this by ensuring that they understand that the new system will benefit not only the company –but them as well.

Finally, how your team responds to the new time tracking software will also depend largely upon how the company morale is currently. In a company where the workers feel valued, and confident that the organization has their best interests at heart, the addition of time tracking software is less likely to be viewed with suspicion, and far more likely to be met with a positive response.

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