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The latest innovations in fitness wear

by simonhopes (writer), , November 29, 2016

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healthy matters

You don’t have to sacrifice your love for fashion to be healthy, or vice versa. Modern creativity has shown that it is both possible and even simple to appreciate both.

The health and fashion industries are both very influential, but many may not know just how much they have in common. Let’s be honest, you don’t need to be healthy to be fashionable any more than you need to be fashionable to be healthy; however, it is more than possible to be healthy and fashionable all at once, and many efforts have been made to emphasize just that. If you’re already intrigued, prepare to be surprised as you discover how health and fashion tie into each other to inspire modern innovations in active wear.

Why being healthy matters

Growing up, you were probably told that it’s important to stay fit to stay healthy, and you may have wondered just how important it is. Being fit is very important because it reduces one’s vulnerability to many diseases and conditions by strengthening the immune system thus preventing infections. Frequent exercise increases the ability to resist injury and makes it easier to maintain the right body weight by increasing metabolism, which makes it more difficult to gain weight. Being in shape contributes to one’s overall well-being in all physical and mental aspects. Physical health has quite an influence on confidence and increases positive thoughts. It encourages determination and self-discipline through the creation of and submission to an exercise regime and has been proven to combat stress and anxiety. Exercising regularly offers an opportunity to enjoy being productive, allowing you to be more creative, passionate and competitive.

You are what you eat – and what you wear

It is very important to look good. Many say that when you look good, you feel good (and vice versa). Recently, designers have made it a point to emphasize that you can do so even when you’re trying to get in shape by coming up with multi-purpose fitness wear to appeal to the active souls of today. There are many options to consider: for example, weighted clothing (such as weighted vests or pants) which can take the place of more traditional equipment like barbells or dumbbells. Weighted clothing increases stamina, strength and speed, allows you to target specific areas of the body and increases the effectiveness of your workout.

A more popular option is compression clothing, such as calf compression socks or compression tops, which utilizes scientific factors to prevent injury and encourage recovery following an injury. Compression clothing also improves performance by keeping muscles warm and regulating body temperature, as it is very unsafe to workout when cold.

Like the sweat-activated clothing combats excessive sweating with cooling factors. This greatly reduces the common fear of large, noticeable sweat stains and allows you to push harder while producing less sweat. Sweat-activated clothing, like compression clothing, is very versatile in style. Like trainers and active shoes, they provide comfort while allowing you to maintain a fashion sense.

Recent advances in the fitness industry

Many are hesitant to pursue a healthier lifestyle out of fear that it may be too hard. For this reason, many advances have been made to encourage individuals to get started on their journeys to fitness. If you want to begin your quest by increasing your flexibility, yoga straps and yoga blocks are becoming increasingly popular in the yoga community. Yoga straps are designed to help you extend and relax your muscles, while yoga blocks allow you to rest in a pose and increase your comfort within it. They are perfect for beginners and intermediate yogis who need an extra push.

Online/mobile activity trackers and food diaries are another addition to the industry that make it much easier for people to stay committed to their endeavors in fitness. Some offer daily and weekly reminders while others allow you to log your workouts and calculate your results such as calorie and fat loss. There are even mobile apps that allow you to keep track of your eating habits as well as advise you of how many calories to eat and/or burn a day. Recent innovations have made it much easier to stay fashionable, fit and motivated.

In fact, choosing the right gear is important to ensuring that you get the most out of your workout. So, think of it this way… the next time you go shopping, you can say it’s for health purposes!

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