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Selecting a tutor – does gender matter?

by Sankar (writer), Kolkata, November 22, 2016

A Teacher takes a Hand, Opens a Mind and touches a Heart ~ Unknown Author

When we think of a tutor the first thing that comes to our mind is selecting the one who is smart and can keep our kid glued to the books for good. But, in today’s time things have changed. As parents we have become more alert to things that are happening around us – physical abuse and molestation has become a concern for both genders. There have been cases where young teen girls and boys have been touched inappropriately by their tutor.

The problem is most of the kids feel that it is them who is doing something wrong and are afraid of talking to their parents openly about the same. Gender is not the only thing that matters these days, it is important for you to get a background check done of tutors who you intend to hire for your kids. The first step recommended for all parents is to have a detailed conversation about your kid and their habits with the person you shortlist to come and teach your kid.

Before you get to interview the tutor, understand where your kid lags? Is your child smart but too mischievous or does he or she have a difficulty in understanding the complexities of all or particular subjects. When you gauge the weaknesses of your kids it gets easier for you to define what kind of a teacher would be suitable for them. Sit with your partner and make a checklist of the qualities you would want your tutor to have, it could be anything from polite to being strict, intelligent, previous work experience as a tutor, where would they like to teach your kid, what are the common methods and strategies that they use while teaching a kid and the list can go on…

Male Teachers for Female Students

When you hire male teachers for your girl child try to understand the character of the person. If he comfortable to communicate with. Eyes speak a thousand words and it gets easier for a woman to understand if the man sitting opposite to you has a positive or negative gaze. As a mother you can allow your spouse to speak while you understand the body language the tutor has. If he is someone who looks around without looking into your eyes, he is either not confident or he may not have the right intentions.

Female Teacher for Male Students

Females tend to be stricter than men when it comes to teaching. While speaking to a female tutor try to understand the tone and posture she expels in front of you. The fact is if the faculty is too strict kids tend to not ask questions just so that they do not get scolded by the tutor. When we speak about male children they tend to get beaten up for any kind of mischief or misdoings by the teacher. If you feel the teacher is too strict, consider putting forward your concerns and terms related to physically handling a child.

A significant step in this entire process is that take references from friends and family or anyone is known to you and who would give you the right reference for a tutor. Kids are sensitive and handing them in the hands of a great teacher can be a boon but if the tutor does not have the right attitude and spirit the same kid can get mentally disturbed which can lead to low performance and phobias which cannot be easily removed.

An important consideration for all parents is that you need to give your kids the space and room to connect with you at a deeper level and open up about their fears and worries. This will save you and your kid from a lot of problems and bring you both closer. Selecting the right teacher for your kid is the first step to building your child’s life, if you feel your kid is not able to communicate with you openly, consult a Child Specialist.

See the quality not the gender!

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