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Don’t make these mistakes while buying Soccer Cleats

by Leslie White (writer), , November 21, 2016

Soccer is a game where people simply love to play with their feet.

Soccer is a game where people simply love to play with their feet, but their mind is always involved in the process. This means that the reliance is on their feet. In some cases, they might hit the right should, but the wrong cleats might spoil the game.

Purchasing soccer cleats is a challenge, and with the following tips, we intend to help you avoid making the biggest blunders by choosing the wrong cleats and suffering while wearing it on the field.

Mistake 1: Not investing in a reliable brand

With soccer, the brand is important. Yes, you can get unbranded, good quality cleats even, but the chances of the same are less than 5%. So, make a smart choice and invest in brands like Adidas, Puma, and Nike. The right investment at the right time can do a lot for you and you can easily consider it to be a blessing in this case.

Again, we know branded cleats can be expensive, but if you want to excel in the game, you need it.

Mistake 2: Choosing the wrong type of cleats

Molded Cleats are made out of hard plastic or non-removable rubber that is basic, as far as the design is concerned. On the other hand, you have detachable cleats, which feature studs on the bottom and are made of plastic with metal tips or hard plastic. While molded cleats can be used on all fields irrespective of the weather conditions, detachable cleats are recommended for wet, soggy fields or soft grass fields. So, the latter is usually preferred by experienced players.

With this, remember that you should prefer molded cleats until and unless you have learned when should the detachable cleats be used.

Mistake 3: Choosing the wrong material

With synthetic and leather options available, entry and mid-level players should use synthetic material. The primary reason for this selection is the amount you'll have to spend for the same. Synthetic material is less expensive as compared to leather.

Leather has a variety and choosing the right leather is even challenging. So, it is advisable that until you have learned a lot by playing on the field in tournaments, you should not invest in leather.

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