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Find Some of the Best Cottage Getaways in UK

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 17, 2016

Here I have a list of some Best Cottage Getaways in UK where you can head for a vacation.

It’s my childhood dream to have a house like cottage, a big simple cottage which has all facilities I need and where I can spend my whole life with my beloved. If you have the same then your dream can be come true in UK, not for lifetime but at least for some days you can live your dream. Here I have a list of some Best Cottage Getaways in UK where you can head for a vacation. The cottages are built in fifteenth century and they offer a perfect getaway to the visitors.

The Manor House

The manor House is a great choice if you are heading there; the place has breathtaking view and is situated in the beautiful natural environment. The gardens and lawn will make you relax and you can spend several hours there. Cottages are spacious and featured with all basic amenities.

Tower of Halbar, Braidwood

This place has some ancient stories and myths which explain the mysteries about the place, actually this several stories high building was built to protect against the English Raiders in the sixteenth century. The good thing about the tower is it still has original features. The place is very good if you are seeking for peace and relaxation. The windows and furniture is very good and have ancient touch.

Dartmoor, Longhouse, Chagford

If you are looking for some open place like a farmhouse then this place is a good one where you can head undoubtedly. The farmhouse is spread over the one hundred and thirty acre land, so a very big space where you can make your lodge anywhere. Have fun with your family and enjoy bonfire and delicious food cooked in open fire.

Medley Court, Hever Castle

Looking for a luxurious place for your vacations where you can have plush cottages and other stuffs than I would recommend you to head here. The place was fully restored in 1903 and has featured with all basic amenities. You will get a fantastic lounge, kitchen, three bathrooms and four bedrooms in cottages available here. Also roam in open environment as there you will find some open grounds and other places where you can visit after talking to some locals about the location of places. Cottages offered here are one of the Best Cottages offered in UK for accommodation. So it is one of the Best Cottages Getaway in UK.

The Rocket Carthouse, Pembrokeshire

Thinking to spend your vacations at somewhere where you can have a view of coastal areas then the Rocket Carthouse is the perfect place for your accommodation in Pembrokeshire. Have a walk on coastal line with aomeone you love and make your trip memorable. If you having a large family including kids then I would recommend you to make this place as your holiday destination. Cottages available here are featured with all luxuries and basic amenities. So you will not face any trouble in spending some great time here.

All above mentioned are the Best Cottages Getaway in UK, plan your vacations carefully and head at some beautiful places to make some time precious which you can remember throughout your life.

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