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How Productivity Tools Can Keep Bloggers Out of Trouble

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 15, 2016

Identify very effective tools for bloggers, discuss the blogging problem they solve and describe the benefits of the tool to blogging business.

Blogging like every business requires bloggers to meet some daily targets in building a successful blog. However, blogging as a business does come with challenges; these challenges could be more unless the blogger has the best tools to overcome potential troubles.

In this article, we will identify some effective tools for blogger, discuss the blogging problem they solve and describe the benefits of the tool to blogging business.

1.The MEMONIC Tool

This tool helps to overcome the lack of time and materials for blogging. Memonic is an app, which allows bloggers to easily save relevant website content with a simple click of the mouse to their online notebook whenever they need it. It saves bloggers the time of bookmarking and having to visit the site again when such content is needed

How does it help?

It helps solve the lack of time problem to research, gather materials and keeping up with next blog post. Many bloggers have trouble keeping up with their research and gathering of materials for writing the next blog post but Memonichelps bloggers to easily track and follow their research plan as well as saving research materials for a later day.

Benefit of Memonic app:

  • Take notes from any web content
  • Take the note with you anywhere you go
  • Gathering Mode allows for lengthy research sessions
  • Forward e-mails and attachments to your Collection
  • Share content with the world, or just a group
  • Print efficiently and save a tree
  • Write a note and organize content directly from the Clipper
  • Take screenshots of relevant content and save it from Word, PDF, etc. with our Clipper for Windows

2.The Buffer Tool

This content management tool helps to overcome the challenge of lacking the time to post or update your content on social media. Buffer helps bloggers to schedule and automate their content marketing. It frees up time otherwise could have been spent chasing after posting to different social media platforms. It comes with analytics to track clicks and shares of your posts.

What problem does it solve?

One of the major bloggers' challenges is having people visit their blogs and comment. But we know for this to happen you have to be up-to-date with your content marketing. Buffer is a perfect tool helping bloggers get feedback on how their post is performing with the audience.

Benefits of Buffer:

  • Post to all of your social networks
  • Flexibility in selecting your preferred social network to post
  • Custom post allowed
  • Schedule your posts for later
  • Keep your followers regularly up to date with fresh content

3. The Feedly Tool

Sometimes in blogging, not knowing isn’t a tenable excuse for failing your audience. But feedlyis a listening Tool for Bloggersto understand and be updated on what theiraudience wants. Feedly is a free tool helping you track niche relevant posts from the blogs you are following. With just a little setup, you are done, and it would keep you up-to-date on relevant industry information.

What problem does it solve for bloggers?

A successful blog has quality followers, but people don’t just follow a blog unless it has proven its authority on the subject of discussion which is why every blog need feedly. By keeping a tab on relevant industry issues, you will be positioned to write and speak authoritatively in your niche thus establishing your authority and earn the trust of your audience.

Benefits of Feedly:

  • Deep personalization of required content
  • More signal, less noise
  • Helps bloggers concentrate on what matters
  • Helps bloggers meet the expectations of their audience
  • Increase productivity

4.The Yoast SEO Tool

SEO plugin for WordPress, is one of the best tools for blog optimization to drive traffic and no serious blogger plays with traffic. In fact, not having traffic is a serious matter for every blogger but traffic doesn’t just come unless your site is found. What helps you blog to be visible is when search engines can find your blog site, and that is where optimization comes in. This SEO tool helpsmake blog visible to people and search engines.

What problem does the tool solve for bloggers?

It helps you gain more traffic to your blog. Yoast SEO plugin optimizes your blog content; it makes your content visible and searchable. When visitors search your blog content, it helps them to find it.

Benefits of Yoast SEO Tool:

  • It aids you when writing Meta information for better result
  • It helps to get you verified on Google Authorship for your website
  • It helps you improve your SEO performance
  • If you link your blog with Google Webmaster tool, Yoast SEO will notify search engines automatically of your new published content

5.The Merriam-Webster Tool

This is a best wordsmith toolthat helps with word clearing blog content for grammar or other technical flaws. Blogging uses language to communicate with audience, and no one wants a blog that is full of spelling mistakes or grammatically bland. A blogger can leverage Merriam

Webster’s dictionary and thesaurus for rich content.

What problem does it solve for bloggers?

It helps blogger correct little silly and nagging grammar and spelling issues.

Benefits of Merriam-Webster Tool:

  • It helps bloggers write smart
  • It helps bloggers take control of their communication
  • It establishes the authority of a blog

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