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Dive Assad Stars in the Upcoming Series

Credit: Nikola Kitanovski
Dive Assad shot by Nikola Kitanovski

Mexican-born actress Dive Assad puts her comedy skills on display in the upcoming series "Entre Dos."

With a unique and ethnically ambiguous style of beauty that captivates and intrigues audiences every time she hits the screen, actress Dive Assad is one of those rare talents we just can’t seem to take our eyes off.

Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Dive Assad shares similarities in terms of look and appeal with the likes of Salma Hayek, with both actresses being of Lebanese heritage on their fathers’ side. For Dive, who moved stateside a few years ago to focus on her acting career, 2016 has been an incredibly successful year with the actress taking on a plethora of lead roles in an impressive list of productions that include the films “Triple Entendre,” “Z Nation A Documentary,” “The Youth Elixir” and the upcoming series “Momentos.”

Dive recently wrapped filming on the first season of the upcoming series “Entre Dos” where she takes on the starring role of Daniela. The series follows Daniela and her boyfriend Alex, played by Andres Alcocer (“The Courier,” “If You Could Only Be You”), a Mexican couple who moves to Los Angeles in hopes of making it big in the entertainment industry.

New to tinsel town, the couple works hard to make their individual dreams come true, but the city’s constant temptations threaten to disrupt their relationship in the process. While Alex (Alcocer) represents the responsible one in the relationship, and serves as the perfect catalyst for some major comic relief moments in the show, Daniela’s (Assad) capricious and impulsive nature makes her the polar opposite of her partner, creating the perfect dichotomy between the show’s lead characters.

In the first episode of “Entre Dos” Daniela finds herself up close with soap star Jesús Moré, an encounter that could put a damper on her relationship with Alex. Moré’s soap star character on “Entre Dos” is not far off from his real life celebrity status as fans of Mexico’s most popular telenovelas will recognize him for his recurring roles on the International Emmy Award winning series “El Señor de los Cielos,” as well as “The Power of Destiny,” “La Mujer Del Vendaval,” “Cuidado Con El Angel,” “Camaleones,” “Timeless Love” and many more.

About working with Jesús Moré on the series, Dive says, “He's a very sweet guy, and an awesome acting partner.”

Dive acts alongside several other notable stars in the series including Jesús Carús (“Sueño de amor,” “Anything but Plain,” “Como dice el dicho”) and Ecuadorian actor and TV host Paul Guerra (“El Club de la Mañana,” “La Trucha Novela,” “La Television”).

With 10 episodes ready to go, the producers behind “Entre Dos” are currently in talks with several Mexico based television networks that are interested in picking up the first season. “Entre Dos” is being directed by Andrea Gonzalez Mereles, who is known throughout the industry for her work as the cinematographer on “The 12th Stare,” “Garage Daze,” “Nunca nunca no deje ir” and “De Tierro” starring Tech Huerta from “Get the Gringo” and “The 33.”

“The struggle of the characters to succeed in the professional world while trying to work in their relationship makes the story very real,” explains Dive about the upcoming series. “It's funny and extremely relatable. Not only to Latino audiences, but to young people who are looking for love and have dreams.”

Aside from the upcoming series “Entre Dos,” audiences can also catch actress Dive Assad in award winning director Badr Farha’s (“The Last Conversation”) film “Margaret,” which is expected to be released in 2017, as well as Roana Wullinger’s film “Perception of Art” where she acts alongside Action on Film Award winner Stan Harrington (“The Insomniac,” “Altered”).

The actress is also slated to begin filming the upcoming series “Z Nation,” where she will take on the starring role of April. The “Z Nation” series follows up the mockumentary “Z Nation a Documentary,” which was released earlier this year.

While Dive Assad has made her name known as a captivating performer in both the U.S. and Latin America, for her, working as an actress is about much more than fame alone. When asked about what she hopes to achieve in her career, she says “To create better material for audiences, continue working in projects I believe in, and continue making people laugh, cry, and awaken passion in them.”

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