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Out of the Box Ways to Bring Your BP Numbers Down

by Jenessa (writer), , November 15, 2016

According to a report of Global Health Observatory (GHO) 57 million people in the world are suffering from blood pressure problems

out of total annual deaths, 7.5 million deceased are blood pressure patients. Though the figures are scary, multiple natural, modern, scientific and medical treatments have been figured to curb this menace. We can guess when your blood pressure enters uncomfortable zone, you try slashing sodium first, run for the physician and if none works you start taking this mess on mind.

As plenty of the solutions are readily available, for truly cutting your blood pressure numbers down you got to get serious and brace yourself for trying these scientific but somehow weird ways. We don’t mean at all to cut your healthy diets, medications prescribed by the doctor or suppose you check blood pressure quite often; these are all meant to give your life a touch of enjoyment with lowering blood pressure figures.

Sunlight, seriously?

Many of us may find this trick quite funny or awkward but the University of Edinburgh has currently revealed in a study that a sunny day may prove handy in converting nitrate stored in your body into nitric oxide; helping blood vessels dilute. The researchers of the mentioned university found that going out to sun increases exposure to UV and it turns out to be bounteous for BP patients. The head of the research Richard Weller hoped that this fact of sunlight will offer a great help in treating heart diseases.

Zoological Garden and BP

Whoa I am really surprised to read that visiting zoos regularly helps in controlling blood pressure. A study was conducted in Japan where the researchers checked blood pressures of the visitors and it was quite amazing to observe a considerable reduction in the blood pressure. The systolic pressure closed to a decrease of 6% while diastolic was seen an overthrow of 8% on a single visit. Talking about it, Dr. John of Yale New-Haven Hospital remarked that human and animal warmth work wonderfully in cutting the numbers down. The reason in simple word is that when you encounter an animal, possibly a pet, and the parasympathetic nervous system wakes up leading to decrement in the blood pressure.

Mediation at Work

“Mediation, not necessarily at work, silences the sympathetic system and it helps in less release of a hormone that causes increase in blood pressure”, an Australian study revealed. I must say mediating for 15-20 minutes at work or during the normal routine would be useful in this purpose. You can seriously overthrow your high blood pressure numbers just with a simple mediation.

Hug your Spouse

Science can shock us with the facts but this was one is understood that love affects our health. Love really is a big drug and a recent study by Biological Psychology has found that ladies who hug their husbands and have affectionate relationships tend to have less blood pressure issues. Dr. Kathleen Light, who was leading the research, commented that we have not tested the hug frequency but hugging your partner three times a week for thirty minutes works effectively in increasing oxytocin and reduce blood pressure.

Be a Volunteer

Carnegie Mellon University observed wonderful but quite interesting facts that people who lend their hands 4 hours a week, 200 hours annually, have 40% less chances of facing blood pressure problems. The study showed that volunteer involvements are a great way to develop health relations. With another perspective of volunteering, the participants seem their problems less severe than the others and thus you shrug off the negative impacts psychologically.

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