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Learn All About Employment Background Checks

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Employment background checks have become a common thing today. Without, one simply can't find a job where the employer puts complete faith and trust in you unless you were referred .

Employment background checks have become a common thing today. Without, one simply can't find a job where the employer puts complete faith and trust in you unless you were referred to by an existing employee of the company who is of great value and it helps if he/she is in a good position so they are not “frowned upon”!

Background checks are very much needed for working in certain specified areas where you might be asked for a government security clearance, in case of security jobs, or a bank cashier. And credit check is usually performed if you're seeking a position in an accounting firm, and it tells them how financial debt are you in.

Let us try to answer two very basic questions here,

  1. What is included in these checks?
  2. What are your rights?

Before we indulge in these two questions, let us understand what does a background check entail?
A background check is an inspection of a new hire, where his/her financial, commercial and criminal records are looked at.

What is Included In A Background Check?
A background check is basically defined as a consumer report. To conduct credit checks, an employer is legally required to get a written consent from the applicant stating employment as a reason.

Employment History Verification:
A Background Check also includes Employment History Verification Report which details all the companies you have worked for, the pay stubs you collected, the dates of employment and the job titles you had.

Drug Tests:
Several companies, small, medium or large sized, have been asking candidates to get a drug and alcohol test before employment. In some cases, hiring can be based up on the pre-employment drug tests and other screening tests.

Other noteworthy details included in your background check are as follows:

  • Job Applicant Credit Checks
  • Criminal Records and Background Checks
  • Employment Verification
  • Driving Record

You can prepare for an Employment Background Check much ahead of time and answer all the probable questions that an employer might ask during an interview, touching on subjects concerning your credit history, past driving record and other crucial subjects.

One thing that does matter to a great extent and is not covered under any State or Federal laws is the Employer Reference. For ex, your former employer can reveal whatever information he chooses to disclose with your current employer. You can predict what your ex-boss might say while giving your reference when you ask him/her for your copies of employment files.

What are your rights?
Any employer who wishes to perform a Employment background check that is of or related to credit, criminal, previous employment are always covered by the FCRA, who defines it as a Consumer Report. Which basically means that you must give your future employer a written consent when they ask you for it stating that they must do so for employment purposes. That's the law! They may incur heavy penalties if not.

To find out more about where you stand either as an employer or as an applicant, visit Employment Screening and connect with them for a top of the line service.

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